Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Three releases get great reviews!

A History of Romance reviewed all THREE
 of my new releases!

BANGED UP gets 4 Sighs!

"I read the excerpt for this story more than once and thought it sounded interesting. What I found upon reading the entire book much more. Ms. St James has woven a delicious tale of love and intrigue. We watch a woman who knew only fear grow in strength and confidence and a man who finds he’s far from whole without her. Liberally interspersed with luscious hot sex, this story keeps on giving to the last wonderful page.

I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read."

DOUBLE DARE gets 4 Sighs!

"Double Dare was very well written and had engaging characters. I loved the palpable emotion between the characters. Especially Ty and Logan. This was my first foray into the land of M/M erotica, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The sensual love scenes were amazingly hot. St James has constructed a fantastic world filled with hot lust and wonderful emotion.

All in all an excellent book, 4 sighs."

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RIP CORD gets 3 1/2 Sighs!

"This was a short story about 44 pages but I really enjoyed reading RIP CORD. I didn’t want to put this book down until I finished it so I could find out what happened between Gil and Rip. Author Jeanne St. James did a good job writing this book. She portrayed the nerd and the jock exactly as they are in real life. It was a surprising story with a happy ending. But, be advised there are graphic sex scenes throughout the book."

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Elise Hepner said...

Congrats, you totally deserve all the praise!