Thursday, March 11, 2010

13 "Opposites Attract" Movies

13 "Opposites Attract" Movies

I found a lot of movies where “opposites attract.” From the 1930s to the current. So I tried to pick and choose some of the movies that are more well-known.

1. “Shrek” (2001)

2. “You’ve Got Mail” (1998)

Pretty Woman

3. "Pretty Woman" (1990)

When Harry Met Sally

4. "When Harry Met Sally" (1989)

5. "Love Actually" (2003)

6. "There's Something About Mary" (1998)

Six Days, Seven Nights

7. "Six Days, Seven Nights" (1998)

8. "Sabrina" (1995)

9. "Murphy's Romance" (1986)

10. "Say Anything" (1989)


11. “Overboard” (1987)

12. "Serendipity" (2001)

13. "Maid in Manhattan" (2002)

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Inez Kelley said...

Pretty woman *sigh* so dated and yet so romantic

Elise Logan said...

Pretty Woman and Overboard are on my perennial watch list.

Ella Drake said...

I have always loved the movie Overboard. Cheesy or not, I've watched it at least a dozen times and could watch it again. Right now. *Goes hunting through video library*

Mary Quast said...

Hubby & I loved "Something About Mary". Great list! Happy TT.

Stephanie Adkins said...

OMG! I LOVE Overboard and Say Anything! Great movie list! Happy Thursday!

Jennifer Leeland said...

I must love those kinds of movies since I love all of these. LOL.
Great list.

Paige Tyler said...

I like Shrek, not so big on the others, though!


My TT is at

Bryn said...

Great list! Say Anything is one of my very favorites.

Ms Menozzi said...

You got a couple of my faves on there, too: Shrek (I cry at the end every time...), Say Anything and Love, Actually.


Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Opposites attract movies are some of favorites. I love Shrek, Pretty Woman, and Overboard. Great list. Happy Thursday!

Chloe Waits said...

I love Overboard! it was so cute and funny and Goldie and Kurt not surprisingly, had great chemistry

Alice Audrey said...

Shrek is deceptive, since they are really much alike at heart.

Sasha Devlin said...

I love Overboard and Love, Actually. Another super awesome one is The Cutting Edge

Heather said...

Aside from numbers 1 and 6...excellent selection of "opposite" movies. Some of these are among my all-time favorites!