Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Release by guest Elise Hepner: Sex Tool

Today is the new release of the female domination short-short Sex ToolSex Tool is a tantalizing, sexual romp filled with all your favorite fem dom goodness.

Everyone knows "that guy" at a party. The man who hits on innocent women all night with all the moves in the world but he just screams sleaze. Marcia goes to her friend's parties specifically to teach these men a lesson. She see's her mark from across the room and outwits him in confidence and speed, then she takes him to bed with her to earn and learn some respect for females everywhere.

At a Halloween party she's met her match, a gorgeous player that just doesn't know when no means no. He's the perfect specimen for an experiment dealing with a lose of control, and he's going to be her lab rat for the night. Marcia takes her dominatrix duties by night as seriously as she takes her lover's. There is always room for reform.

What unfolds is a searing session in BDSM that whips her one night stand into shape and right into Marcia's arms. He is caressed with pain, as well as want, from a woman who opens his eyes to the power of female sexuality. Rounds of sexual gauntlets and consent join these two together in their lesson on gender balance. Tip the scales and bend over boyfriend.

Warnings: This title contains f/m domination with anal sex, graphic language, and kinky wax sex play.


Yesterday he was a priest. Today he was drunk and tied to a wooden cross. The leather musk advanced over his cologne, something sweet like candy. The sweat on his constricted brow gave way to an aching moan of pleasure as I dangled a candle over his exposed flesh. It started at a simple Halloween party. He was being a jackass and oozing charm to whomever happened to want a glass of punch. It made me slow to approach the buffet table. It also made me want to vault through the crowd until the pink sides of his face were shattered under my knees. He was cute. Too cute for the cocky. I waited longer than I should have mostly because of my outfit. I didn't believe in slutty Halloween, so green face paint had started dripping from the wart on my nose. It tasted like lead on my lips when I took a bite of the tiny cheese piece in my hand. With my experimental costume I'd stayed out of sight. A friend of a friend. Now the lacing on my latex witch corset grew sticky with my suppressed interest.  
*  *  *  *  *
A dot of water meandered from his shoulder to stomach and my eyes followed before I tipped him over from his knees to sprawl on top of me. I locked my arms around him and devoured his chapped lips. They tasted like cherry chap-stick.

That was it. My undoing. Makeshift ice pack went flying as I dug my fingers into his crunchy hair and scalp, pulling upwards. It ripped a yelp from his mouth, cranberry red from my lipstick. A shiver ran up my back as I careened upward with his head in my hand, bowing his spine. He automatically conformed to the position, assumed it. His was head down and arched from the angle of my nails, his hands wrapped around his slim back, clasped together all dainty. My p*ssy dripped and I growled at my new find.

“You're not new to this are you, puppy?”
“No, mistress.”

I laughed and pulled him up from the floor, dragging him by the hair towards my special place. The beers forgotten, I had my drought sprawled out to drink within seconds. We would start light. His pants were light, but that and the draft up my skirt made my mouth dry. Wicked thoughts.

“Get up, on your knee's, puppy”

I knew I exuded cold calm as I fondled the cane between my fingertips. Nothing was off but his shirt and we would have to fix that.

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