Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Release & Giveway! LAST CALL by Olivia Brynn

Please welcome OLIVIA BRYNN, my fellow Liquid Silver Book author, who is celebrating her new release by stopping by here for a giveaway!

Woohoo! My book came out yesterday! Release days are almost as much fun as new cover days and new contract days. Thanks for inviting me back to your place, Jeanne. I've brought a copy of my new book Last Call to give away!

This book was a lot of fun to write. In fact it came so easily, it practically wrote itself (my favorite kind of book!)

Last Call is about a woman who's had a bit too much to drink, and makes a phone call for a ride home from the bar. Unfortunately, she misdials her brother, and reaches a complete stranger. A firefighter who can't, in good conscience, leave the unknown woman to find her own way home. He doesn't expect sparks to fly, but he'd never take advantage of an incapacitated woman.

Find more information about me and my books, including two more releases coming very soon on my website at http://oliviabrynn.com/

To celebrate my new release, I'd like to give away a copy of Last Call, still warm from Liquid Silver Books' e-press. If you've ever dialed the wrong number and embarrassed yourself, let me know! Comment below, and tomorrow at noon we'll randomly draw a winner.

Thanks again for letting me crash your place, Jeanne, and Happy New Year everyone!

Here's an excerpt, to whet your appetite for Last Call!

The Ranger wasn't in the best part of town, and it was notorious for being the place to pick up an easy lay. He could see why Joanne's brother didn't want her going out alone. The parking lot had three vehicles. A woman sat behind the wheel of one, dancing along with the music that shook her car. Three men stood by the door, their eyes on the woman, until he pulled in beside her, then they shifted their attention to him.

He left his truck running, closed his door behind him, and greeted the men with a toss of his head.

"We're closed." The tallest one spoke, even tapping on the sign in the window.

"I'm here for Joanne."

"You her brother?" The stocky one crossed his arms, and looked Eric over suspiciously.

Joanne would only prove him a liar, so Eric shook his head. "I just got a phone call to pick Joanne up at The Ranger." That was the truth.

"We've been keeping an eye on her. She's in no condition to drive."

No shit. The woman in the car was oblivious to the men outside. She tossed her head side to side, and sang into an imaginary microphone. "Yeah, I gathered that." He walked around Joanne's thumping car, and knocked on her window.

The first thing he saw was a big pink bubble. When it popped, she pulled the gum back into her mouth, smiled, and waved.

Cute. A mass of blond waves, and a smattering of freckles across her nose. She looked like someone's baby sister all right. Eric smiled, and motioned for her to roll down the window.

She blinked a couple of times before she nodded, curls bouncing on her cheeks. She held up a finger while she fumbled on the door panel. Eric chuckled when she locked and unlocked the doors several times before the window came down, and hip hop music blared through the opening.

"Well hello there, cutie pie. What's your name? I'm Joanne, but you can call me ... um ... Joanne." She climbed up to kneel on the seat and lean out through the window, propping her generous breasts on one forearm, and twisting a finger through her hair with the other hand in a drunken flirtatious gesture. He amended his first impression. This was no little girl. Her cheeks were flushed, either from her solo driver's-seat dance, or from the alcohol, giving her skin a soft warm look. Long lashes framed big blue eyes.

He crouched down. "My name's Eric. Kevin wanted me to come and get you." That wasn't quite a lie; it was more of an assumption.

Her brow wrinkled, and she tilted her head like a curious puppy dog. "Oh, you know my brother? Kevin sent you?"

He bit the inside of his cheek. "Come on. Shut off the car, let's get going."

"Okay, but first do you want to see my pens? I got some free pens tonight." The bubble gum fell out of her mouth as she spoke. "Oopsie. Watch your step there, I dropped something." She braced a hand against his gut. "Don't move. I'll get it." She crawled through the window, and tried to reach for the pink blob on the asphalt, a move which propped her hips on the window opening, leaving her butt at his eye level.

The men on the sidewalk laughed, and one even mumbled, "Oh yeah, now that's a nice ass." Eric glared their way, and the laughter ceased.

He couldn't really blame the guy; her ass was pretty damn fine. From his vantage point, he could see down the gap of the waistband of her jeans, and into the crevice of her cheeks. Creamy smooth skin, and a pink thong. Damn.

"Come on, Joanne. Just leave it." He curled his hands under her arms and pushed her upright, and managed to get her back into the car without bumping her head on the window opening. On the way, he got a face-full of silky hair, and though he didn't mean to, he breathed in its perfume. She smelled pretty damn good for spending an evening in a dive like The Ranger. Like peaches and daisies. "You don't want that gum now anyway, now let's go. I'm here to take you home."

"But I don't know you. I'm waiting for my brover ... bro-furr. My brother. Kevin."

Now all three men on the sidewalk had crossed their arms, watching the exchange. Apparently they'd assigned themselves her guards. He tried again. "If you aren't home in five minutes, Kevin says he's going to tell your mother you got drunk."

Her eyes grew wide. "He promised he wouldn't tell."

"Take it up with him. Let's go." He opened the door, and she caught herself before she fell out. She chattered away about free pens and stale peanuts as he rolled up the windows, killed the engine, and locked the doors. After tucking her keys in his front pocket, he was able to get her on unsteady feet, and around her car to his truck. "We'll get her car in the morning," he told the tall one, who he assumed was the bartender. "Thanks for keeping an eye on her."

He ground his cigarette out in the cat-litter ashtray. "No problem, man. She can come back any time, she's a kick."

Yeah, he could just imagine what a kick this woman could be to a bunch of horny bastards. At least she had enough sense not to go home with a stranger. Well ... almost.

She lifted her left foot to the side step on his truck, thought a moment, then switched to her right, weaved a bit, then slipped from the step to fall face first on the seat. With a laugh, she crawled forward, leaving her rear swaying right in front of Eric. He reached to help her, but pulled back when he realized the only way to do so would involve a handful of saucy ass. He curled his fingers into fists while she scrambled to right herself.

Eric buckled her belt, ignoring the men's chuckles.

Her giggle brought his gaze up to hers. Her blue eyes so guileless. "You're so much a such a nice guy. Buckling my safe-te-curity belt. Will you tuck me into bed, too?"

Maybe not so innocent. The watchdogs on the sidewalk snickered, and Eric's gaze immediately dropped to her chest.

Her T-shirt was tight enough to hug every curve. It wasn't anything special, just a plain light-pink T-shirt, but from this proximity he could see the outline of the cup of her bra. He followed the line down the slope of one breast, and back up the other.

She laughed, a low husky sound, so different from her earlier giggles. "Looks like my brother's friend is a boob man!" She reached for the hem of her shirt, and inched it up her stomach. "Wanna see? I think you'll like--"

"No!" He stopped her hands, mindful of the watchful eyes on the sidewalk. "Keep your shirt on, Josie."

She giggled again, and Eric immediately missed the husky laughter. "Josie. I like that. Josie. It's like a nickname isn't it? Kinda like Joanne but not. It's like a short Joanne name, like a nickname. Josie. Hey guys!" She tried to stand up, but the seatbelt only gave so much, and she ended up shouting over Eric's shoulder at the men. "I have a nickname! Did you know that? It's brand new. It's Josie, like a pussycat. Do you like it?"

Eric grabbed onto her waist, and forced her back into her seat. He swore he only left his hands on her long enough to make his point. With a stern look into her guileless face, he extracted himself, and closed the door before she heard their response.

"Oh yeah, honey. I like your new nickname a lot." The stocky one grabbed his crotch lewdly, as the others laughed. "You come back tomorrow night, and I'll give you all kinds of names. I won't tell your mama either."

"Watch it, buddy." Eric spoke from between clenched teeth. His fierce expression did the trick, and he didn't hear another peep as he walked around the hood to the driver's side. Joanne was bouncing in the seat, apparently dancing along to the music in her head. He silently dared the bastards to mention her swaying tits.

He shook his head. He had no reason to be protective of this complete stranger, other than his upbringing. Maybe his career as a firefighter. Courage to share and endure the ordeal of those who need me, as the oath went. Still, he didn't speak to the men, he simply got behind the wheel and pulled away.

"Bye guys! See you later!" Joanne waved through the back window. "Thanks for the pens! Hope you catch the yellow-pen thief!" She continued to bounce and giggle as they drove down the dark street.

"Why don't you tell me your address so I can take you home?"

She rattled it off, detailed the recipe for a slippery nipple, and reminded him again that she'd dropped her gum on the asphalt. He had to promise her that he didn't step in it before she clapped a few times like a two-year-old at a birthday party, then she froze.

"Oh ... oh no." Her mouth dropped open, and she covered it, like a little kid caught sneaking cookies. "Uh oh."

Eric smiled. "What's the matter?" He stopped at the light on the corner and looked over at her.

"I need to tinkle."

GET YOUR COPY HERE! http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/books/lastcall.htm


Fairie said...

Oh yes I've dialed a wrong number before! I once called a boyfriend who had done something to upset me very much. I didn't even let the poor man who answered the phone breath before I started telling him about what I saw him do. The poor man sat there,listened then told me I had the wrong number,then said I had a jerk for a boyfriend and that I should let him take me out lol. Didn't go out with him but it made me feel better lol.

Olivia said...

@Fairie: That is AWESOME! That sounds like another plot lol. Thanks for stopping by!

Romance Girl said...

I have dialed wrong numbers but never got into any conversation other them being told I had a wrong number. Doesn't make for much excitement, does it?

The Viking Princess said...

Hello Olivia, you are a new author to me. I found you by twitter. Author Gem Sivad sent out a twit about your new release so I stopped by to have a look. I love to find new authors.
Yes, I have dialed a wrong number many times but I don't have any great stories to tell about it. I can say that me dialing a wrong number never got me a really hot guy and a lot of great sex...yes am jealous of Joanne. With my luck I would end up dialing a serial killer.

Cammie said...

Firemen....sigh... This sounds a very fun and sexy read. I don't know about warm off the press, I think it is definitely hot off the press! Thanks for a great excerpt :)

Olivia said...

@Romance Girl That's what I usually do. I really hate it when people just hang up on me lol.

@The Viking Princess I'm glad you found me! Gem is a good friend

@Cammie Heh, yes, it's a hot read. My mother isn't allowed near it, I'd blush for weeks.

I'll draw a winner tomorrow at noon EST, and post here. Good luck!

Olivia said...

Congratulations Romance Girl! You're the lucky winner of a copy of Last Call!

Thanks everyone for stopping by :)