Monday, January 03, 2011

Interview with Olivia Brynn, romance author

Please welcome fellow Liquid Silver Book author, Olivia Brynn, who has a new release coming out tomorrow. Speaking of her new release stop back tomorrow for a sneak peak of and a giveaway for a copy of Last Call!

Tell me a little bit about yourself. I was born and raised in a small Wyoming town. Well, small by most standards. I started reading at a pretty early age, and started writing soon after. I always had a story to tell (sorry, Mom). I suppose the nine month winters are enough to force anyone's creative juices to flow.

Do you use a pseudonym and if so, why? Olivia Brynn is a pseudonym for romance author Alanna Coca. In 2008 when a book started writing itself, and it went out of control with heat and language. That was when I realized that I could never let my mother read it, and so Olivia was born.

What genre do you write in? Why did you pick that genre? I started my career with an historical western, but now I write mostly Contemporary. It wasn't a conscious decision, there was just a contemporary speaking to me, so I listened. I have another historical western going though, so we'll see.

What inspires you to write the type of stories that you write? Each one is inspired by a different source. My first Olivia Brynn book, For a Price, was inspired by an actual news article that I came across, about a woman who was auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. I guess I can turn anything into a love story.

How would you describe your writing style? Plotter or pantser?Pantser for sure. Why? I blame laziness.

What is your favorite genre to READ? Yes. Seriously, I read just about everything out there.

Do you have a specific place where you like to write? When, during the day, is your most creative time? I usually sit at my dining room table. Not that it's my favorite, but it is the most practical.

What’s your typical writing day? Wake up. Breakfast, shower etc, then I turn on my computer. After reading and responding to all my fan mail (okay, it's junk mail from Viagra, just give me this) I open Twitter. Six hours later, I remember to open my work in progress. Once that's done, I have lunch, do some chores, then sit back behind my keyboard for some real writing time. But first I should make some dinner, maybe tear apart the junk drawer to organize it. THEN I sit down to write. After I check Twitter one more time.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers? Why? I've got two authors who listen to me complain about my works not writing themselves. We often swap excerpts and chapters, and ask for advice on what's working or not. Without that valuable feedback, it would be just me, telling myself how awesome my book is.

Do you have another job (besides writing)? If so, what do you do? I used to be a manager at a big box retail store. I've since stepped down to a less stressful position in the same store. Not very glamorous, huh? But romance authors don't get health insurance.

What’s your take on the future of ebooks and epublishing? I am so glad to be hopping on the epublishing bus in its relative infancy. With all the new ereaders coming out, we're sitting on the crest of a huge tide of change. While I don't see print books ever going away, I do see the print on demand (POD) services becoming more of a necessity than an option.

Do you have a favorite quote -- yours or someone famous or even infamous? So many. I love this one from Calvin (the cartoon character, not the French theologian) "You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don't help"

What’s your favorite food? Anything Italian. Load some noodles with cheese, and I'm happy.

What’s your favorite movie? Why? Hm, that's a tough one. I have quite a few. I do love Bowfinger. I can't get enough of any of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries (Best in Show is hilarious). And then there's The Princess Bride. I don't even have to qualify that one.

Do you have a favorite book or author? I do have a favorite author, but I couldn't pick a favorite book, even one of hers. Sandra Brown started out writing category romances. I read one of her pen name's early books, and it hooked me on romance. Now she writes some really great crime and suspense. So far she hasn't responded to my adoption request.

Tell me about your latest or upcoming release? Last Call is a short erotic romp published by Liquid Silver Books. Here's the blurb:

Eric Layton is used to being awakened by the phone. Firefighters are always on call. When his phone rings in the middle of the night, he’s halfway to the door before he realizes that it isn’t his chief calling him in for an out of control fire. The woman on the other end, however, is a little out of control, and in fact a lot drunk. Before he can explain that he’s not her brother, her cell phone cuts out. His conscience won’t let him leave the woman waiting, but is he prepared for the chemistry that flares once the stranger climbs into his truck?
It's a fun little book, it made me smile while I wrote it. You can see an excerpt on my website and on the publisher's site

Do you have any releases scheduled for 2011? I've got a contemporary western coming out on February 21, 2011 from Carina Press, and then another short story, At Ease from Ellora's Cave. I hope to have some more, we'll see how the writing goes.

What’s your next project? I have a few works in progress. I really want to finish the next Earth Scents novel, the follow up to Falling Star. Dean has been patiently waiting for his happily ever after.

Where can readers find you on the web? I'm at, on twitter at, and I share a Facebook page with Alanna at I also have a page on Myspace. Remember that place?

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