Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where Were You When The Muse Broke Free?

By guest author Debbie Mumford

Tree HouseHave you ever wondered where an author was when she made the leap from reader to writer?

Would you believe my very first novel began in a tree house on the slopes of Mt Rainier? It’s true. I kid you not.

Dear Husband’s sister and her hubby were visiting the Pacific Northwest from their home in Colorado and had arranged for a stay in a tree house. They kindly invited DH and me along for the experience.

DLM-Tree HouseThere must have been something magical in that mountain air. My muse broke free and gifted me with dreams of druids and dragons.

I snuggled in a hammock and dreamed up characters and plot. Mind you, I didn't have a clue about story or craft, but ignorance is indeed bliss. If I'd known just how clueless I really was, I'd never have had the courage to begin this journey!

Six years later I've published two novels, two novellas, and had my short fiction included in several anthologies. I’ve also been blessed with representation from a well-respected literary agency. Not a bad track record.

Silver Casket-compressedMy most recent novella releases today! The Silver Casket is a time-travel historical romance about a contemporary woman who finds herself in fifteenth century Scotland. Great fun to write!

Of course, the story I dreamed that day in the tree house has never seen the light of day—totally clueless writing rarely does. However, my muse and I have developed an awesome relationship.

So what about you? Where were you when your muse broke free?


Debbie Mumford said...

Thanks for inviting me onto your blog, Jeanne!

Jeanne St. James said...

I was glad to have you!