Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rock-Star bad-boys… Oh yeah!

Who doesn’t love a rock star? I do, I always have. There’s just something about a hot guy, a guitar, and a microphone stand.

My love for rocker guys started innocently enough. I grew up a child of the late 70’s/early 80’s (yeah, I admit it). As a teenager, we lived down the street from a very young and hip couple, and they had a little one I’d babysit for every so often. I LOVED going to their house, and not because they paid well or because the baby was just soooo cute. Nope, I loved going there because their record (dating myself again, aren’t I?) collection was way cooler than mine. I’d get the baby to bed, then head to the basement and put ELO’s ‘Out of the Blue’ album on the turntable and play ‘Turn to Stone’ over and over.

Then my sister brought home a poster of KISS. You could see Paul Stanley’s, well… Yeah, that. Clear as day, right up there on the wall. I thought to myself, wow. So much for innocence, huh? I was a goner!

The 80’s brought MTV and the advent of hair bands. Poison, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Skid Row… The list goes on and on. In certain circles, I’d never admit to listening to some of those guys, but when the videos would come on, I’d be glued to the TV. They were so sexy and simply oozed sensuality. The lead singers came across as naughty guys, dangerous almost. And it always seemed like they were singing right to me.

Heck of a fantasy, isn’t it? But let’s do that what-if. What if circumstances panned out just right? What if you actually got to meet your rock-star bad-boy? And what if he wanted you just as much as you ever wanted him? That’s the premise behind my new release with Ellora’s Cave, Chasing Eden. Here’s the blurb:

Graphic artist Eden Foster never expected a sexy game of hide-and-seek to turn into the hottest encounter of her life. The erotic dreams she’s had lately starring to-die-for rock star Shane Tolan are almost enough to make her forget how badly she wants to design his next CD cover. Almost, but not quite. And now here he is in the flesh, ready to chase after her.

Shane likes to play dirty, and he finally has Eden right where he wants her—outside on a balcony, tied to a chaise lounge and under his complete control. But he soon discovers it’s not just Eden’s body he wants, but the talented, business-savvy artist, too. Hell, he wants every luscious part of her.

Then naked paparazzi photos from that night show up on the internet. Eden is convinced her peers will believe she slept with the rock star just to design his CD cover. Shane knows nothing’s further from the truth. And in order to prove it to her, he going to have to show her his heart.

Click here for a sexy little excerpt:

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Thanks to Jeanne for letting me be a guest today! I hope you enjoy reading about Shane and Eden as much as I loved creating them.

Stay sexy!

Sex and Seduction… With heart

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Jeanne St. James said...

Kristin's bad boy sounds so hot! Thanks for being my guest today!