Saturday, February 06, 2010

Banished Hero by Anita Philmar

Banished Hero


“Why won’t you eat, Faye Lynn?”

The sound of Havyn’s voice in her head startled her so much she lost her grip and fell forward. She kicked out her wings and glided to the wall between

two abandoned stalls. Her heart pounding, she told herself he couldn’t be anywhere nearby. She must be imagining things.

The other bird might squawk or send her his feelings of unease as a warning, but he couldn’t talk to her in a language she could understand. She glanced around nervously, trying to catch her breath. Havyn wasn’t here. He left her several

hours ago after bringing her home from the market. He probably planned to leave her in the barn for a few days until her father left the area. Then he’d try

to train her to be his pet. She’d gone through the routine before.

“You’re not getting away.” His voice sounded inher head again.

At the same time, the large black falcon swooped down and landed on the wall beside her. The shock of both Havyn’s voice and the bird knocked her off balance. She tumbled onto the hay in one of the stalls. She rolled and tried to right herself, but a large wing covered her chest and held her down.

"Transform Faye Lynn."

His voice, his touch, the familiar scent of him, all hit her senses at once. She stared into his onyx eyes and shifted her shape. Her wings became arms. His beak softened into full lips. Black feathers turned to silky tufts of hair. Legs tangled. A rich scent filled the air. His chest crushed her breasts. The thick length of his sex found its home in her.

Transformation complete, Faye Lynn found herself lying on a bed of hay. Havyn’s weight covered her. His erection pumped heat through her system. She could smell him, taste him and hungered for him more than she ever longed for a man.

With no memory of her past, Faye Lynn Berton clings to a father who curses her ability to shape-shift, then uses her special skill to scam local villagers. The only freedom she knows comes as she soars through the sky in falcon form. A chance meeting with another changling turns her world upside down. Beyond satisfying the powerful sexual cravings that follow transformation, he reveals a surprising dimension of sex between their kind…one to unlock the secrets of her soul.

Havyn Westmore has questions…Faye Lynn holds the answers. Determined to unravel her secrets, he strives to gain her freedom and trust. Teaching her the finer techniques of transformation keeps her close while sex strengthens their bond. But on the trail of discovery, Havyn must confront his own past. Accused of a heinous crime, he was banned from his homeland. Now, he must choose between returning to face certain execution—or robbing Faye Lynn of her birthright and a life in Paradise.

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