Friday, January 29, 2010

4 STAR REVIEW for BANGED UP at RT Magazine!

BANGED UP gets a 4 star review
 from Romantic Times!

"This sexy tale has both humor and suspense and some twists and turns as well. A simple misunderstanding leads to some super-hot bedroom antics. Mace and Colby are well-matched, and the villains are truly wicked.

SUMMARY: The last thing Mace Walker expects to face when he gets home bone-tired and wounded after a two-year assignment undercover is a Glock shoved in his face. The stranger even asks for proof that it's Walker's house, but it doesn't take much for him to disarm the beautiful woman.

After a few embarrassing moments, Colby Parker explains she is housesitting for his sister. Neither is forthcoming with any personal information, but they develop a relationship that blossoms into a fiery romance. He dives head first into refurbishing the old house she purchased, and she helps with the therapy on his severely damaged leg. Then their pasts threaten their budding romance and their very existence."

Four stars, rated "Scorcher"

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