Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Open Letter to Romance Epublishers:

Ok. I love epublishers. I really do. They have opened up the romance genre to newer authors and are more “open” to new ideas, whether kinky or not. I would love to have a Sony eReader or a Kindle. I really would. But I’m too cheap. So I suffer through reading ebooks on my laptop. Do I like it? No. One day I'll get one, I tell myself…

Now, the point of this blog post is this: please, ebook publishers, make your websites more searchable. I like contemporaries. Sometimes I am looking for a contemporary ménage a trois story. But I either have to look at ALL the ménages or ALL of the contemps. I can’t whittle down the list to just contemp ménages. Why? Why must I muddle through all of one or the other?

I want to find what I am looking for faster without going through multiple pages of one category hoping I find the type of story I am looking for.

For example: Say I want a contemporary m/m romance that is over 50k words. Have a search to narrow it down for me. Please? Pretty please? There has to be a way.

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Kris Eton said...

I totally agree with you on that! My other pet peeve is not telling me how LONG each story is. Yeah, there's a price that gives me a clue, but could you tell me how many pages it is? Why is that secret information?