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The Successor
Alina Jacobs
(Holbrook Cousin’s Saga, #1)
Publication date: July 5th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
He’s gone from the battlefield to the boardroom; now this billionaire has to win his girl.
Hot tempered Grant Holbrook has just returned to the states and he’s already in trouble.
In jail and estranged from his adoptive parents, Grant thinks his luck is turning around when Kate, his birth father’s gorgeous assistant walks into the police station to bail him out.
As the newly discovered heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune, Grant is the talk of New Cardiff, his father’s exclusive New England hometown, and not everyone is happy that he’s there. 
Deemed the most eligible bachelor in America, Grant has to run an international corporation and fend off the woman that want him.
But there is one woman who won’t throw herself at him—Kate.
How can he convince her that he needs her in his life not just for a night but for the rest of his life?
Sleeping with the boss’s heir is not in her job description.
Kate has sworn off men. After a string of bad relationships culminating in the absolute worst night of her life, Kate promised herself she was going to concentrate on her career and bury all of her bad decisions.
But when her billionaire boss asks her to find his long lost heir after a Holbrook family tragedy, Kate finds herself falling for the volatile Grant—but she cannot give in. She would lose her job and ruin her reputation if she were caught sleeping with her boss’s son. 
Kate is the executive assistant of billionaire Walter Holbrook, and she prides herself in achieving the impossible. But when Grant starts pursuing her, he may be the one problem Kate won’t be able to solve.
As secrets from her past start to resurface, will it drive her into his arms or will she ultimately resist Grant Holbrook?
The Successor is book 1 in the Holbrook Cousins Saga, but can be read as a standalone novel.  This 80,000 word steamy romance novel has no cliffhangers but a very happily ever after.


Kate watched Grant sleep sprawled in the plush leather seat on the private jet. The corgi puppy was on his back in Grant's lap, his round belly rising and falling with every breath. Grant seemed so peaceful. The light from the setting sun accented the angles on his face. He had his father's cheekbones and jaw structure.
He also had his charisma. Kate was beyond impressed with his performance at the press conference. As she had been cleaning him up, she was silently strategizing how she would have to beg her contacts at the networks to spin the story in their favor. But Grant was a natural. He had had no prep and no debriefing. There hadn't been any time, and Kate didn't want to frazzle him and potentially make the situation worse. It was a gamble, but it had paid off—Grant had the press eating out of his hand.
She checked Twitter on her phone. Everyone was going crazy for the sergeant. The headlines read Marine Rescues Puppy and Medal of Honor Recipient Apprehends Child Kidnapper. She played the clips of the press conference. Grant came off as personable, strong, and authoritative. The press and blogosphere were falling over themselves to praise him.
And now he sleeps like a little kid, she thought. He had one hand curled around the dog, his large watch almost the same size as Gus's head.
Who dumps a corgi on the side of the road? Kate wondered. Oh, that's right—someone who abducts small children. Just for rescuing the corgi alone, she already liked Grant. She checked her phone. There was a message from Walter Holbrook.
Impressive performance by Grant today. I won't be in tonight, but I imagine seeing me for the first time since he was a baby would probably be too much for him, anyway. Get him settled and let him know I will be in for dinner with him tomorrow. Thank you, Kate. I couldn't do this without you.
Kate wrote back.
I've got you covered
She scrolled through more articles on the internet. Someone had even posted a video of Grant attacking Tedson in the parking lot. He moved like a fighter; he was what all those teenage boys on the internet wished they could be. There were already memes all over Reddit of the marine and his dog.
When you just want to play with your corgi but you have to save the world, read one meme that had taken a still from the footage of the fight. Gus was barking, and Grant stood like a superhero right after giving the knockout punch to Tedson, who was mid-fall to the pavement. There was also a Tumblr fan page set up, and the event was trending on Twitter.
"Well, he's officially viral," she said to herself.
Wendy, one of the flight attendants, came by with sparkling water and a cheese-and-fruit tray. She smiled as she saw the picture on Kate's phone. "You can't buy that kind of good publicity," she said softly. "Good thing he takes after his father, not his mother, eh?"
"Absolutely," Kate whispered back. "I think we dodged a bullet on this one."
"More like a nuclear bomb," countered the flight attendant.
She and Kate looked at Grant for a moment.
The flight attendant sighed. "If only I were ten years younger…"
"And not married!" Kate added with a small laugh.
The flight attendant gave her a playful shove.
"You should make a move. You could be the next Mrs. Holbrook. You guys would be perfect together. Besides," she said conspiratorially, "I think he really likes you."
Kate blushed. "I can't. I work for his father… and Grant now, technically. It's not right."
"I don't think Mr. Holbrook would mind. You come from a good family. You aren't some gold digger."
Kate shook her head. "No, I'll just keep to myself. Someone has to look after my grandmother."
Besides, she thought, I can't be trusted in a relationship. And if Grant or anyone else ever found out what happened in my past, it would destroy everything.

Author Bio:
Alina is an architect by day, writer by night. Her favorite thing to do is curl up with a hot drink and a good book. She lives in a large Southern city in an old house with an old dog.
Alina Jacobs is a pen name.



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