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First Chapter Friday: Desiring Lacey by Erica Lynn #EroticRomance

Want a super sexy sneak peek into the naughty and delicious world of Desiring Lacey? Check out Chapter One!

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Lacey sucked a deep breath of cool air into her lungs as she
knocked on the large, black door with an unsteady fist. A
quick glance down the empty street told her she was alone,
which made sense, since she was officially late. Most of the guests
were no doubt already deep in the, um, festivities. She heard music
drift from inside, something soft and sensual, but couldn’t quite make
out the words.
She wrapped her arms around herself as she took in the mansions
surrounding her. The neighborhood stood in the ritzier part of
Houston, and she had no doubt they cost a small fortune. They
weren’t so much tall as they were wide. As if someone put three or
four normal houses side by side, then connected them. They seemed
to stretch on forever, outlined by incredibly well kept grounds with a
variety of flowers and plants, and the one in front of her proved to be
no exception. She breathed in the floral scent as she looked up at the
two-story, red brick monster that towered over her and noticed a
white balcony off to the side. She closed her eyes and imagined herself
in a fluffy robe, a cup of coffee to her lips, as she watched the sunrise.
Her phone interrupted her thoughts as it rang inside her purse,
and she hurried to switch it to silent. She couldn’t believe she’d
actually shown up. Her friend, Stassi, had pulled some strings to get
her an invitation but wouldn’t arrive until later that night. She’d
insisted Lacey go without her so she could get used to the vibe. Stassi
had begged for months for Lacey to come with her; she’d been to
many of these parties, but this was Lacey’s first time. She wasn’t sure
what to expect, but after all the nonsense that had gone down with
that fucker, Trent, what did she possibly have to lose? If he calls me one
more time tonight I swear on all that is holy—
The creak of the door opening shook her from her thoughts, and
she looked up to see a tall, deliciously built man in a black suit
directly in front of her. She couldn’t help but take in his dirty blond
hair, and even though it was too dark outside to get a good look at
his eyes, she could tell they were a beautiful green. The top part of
his face was hidden by a black mask, but his chiseled face and strong
jaw told her all she needed to know. The man was perfection. He
stared at her for a moment, then cleared his throat and stuck out
his hand.
“Hello,” she squeaked. When he still didn’t move, she placed her
hand in his and gave it a shake.
The man raised an eyebrow and chuckled, then brought her hand
to his mouth and brushed his lips along her knuckles. “Your skin is
like silk, sugar.”
His deep and gravelly voice rumbled through her tummy as he
took in her simple black dress, black pantyhose, and black heels.
Stassi had said to dress as if she were attending a cocktail party,
although she feared she looked more like she was ready for a funeral.
Stinging heat climbed up her neck and cheeks as he pulled his lower
lip between his teeth.
“Are you this soft everywhere?” he asked as he sucked her finger
into his mouth, his tongue swirling in gentle circles.
“I’m…uh…I’m not sure. I guess so?”
“You are aware panties are prohibited, correct?” He reached out
with his other hand and ran his finger up her thigh, his touch gentle as
a feather beneath the fabric that covered her skin.
“I am. These are pantyhose.” She tried to hold her head high as she
swatted his hand away from her leg. “They’re two totally separate
His mouth curled into a grin as he chuckled. “I guess you have it all
figured out, and as much as I’d love to stand here and taste your skin
all night long, I need your invitation.”
“My what? Oh!” Lacey quickly drew her hand away from his
perfect lips and reached inside her purse. “Of course, I’m so sorry.”
She finally found the requested document and handed it over.
“Lacey Wilson…” He looked up from the invitation and into her
eyes. “That’s an incredibly sexy name. Well, Lacey, come on in. As you
were informed, phones and cameras of any kind are not allowed. You
can leave your purse in the closet behind me. Feel free to try to sneak
something in, but make no mistake, someone will see you and let me
know.” He moved to the side and held the door open for her. “Oh,
can’t forget this.”
Lacey nodded and accepted the dark purple mask he held out, then
started to move into the house until he curled his fingers around
her arm.
“Sorry, but you have to put it on before you can go any farther.”
Lacey shifted from one foot to the other as she looked at the fabric,
then back at him.
The man sighed, then took the mask from her, turned her around,
and slipped it over her eyes. Her body shivered as his chest came into
contact with the top of her shoulders. Her breasts rose and fell with
her labored breath as he tied the mask around her head. His fingers
tickled her scalp as he fastened it, then turned her to face him. “Look,
if you want to take it off later, if you decide to go into one of the
private rooms, you can ask your partner if they mind. But if they want
you to keep it on, you have to do so, okay? People come here to enjoy
a little anonymous fun. Lots of them would rather keep their masks
on. I don’t want to have to kick you out, so please don’t make me.”
Lacey gave him a tight smile as she nodded, struck by the way he
spoke to her. He didn’t raise his voice, didn’t roll his eyes. He was
gentle. Sweet. She hadn’t really known what to expect when she came
here, but for some reason, kindness hadn’t been it. “Thank you for
being so nice to me. I’m nervous. First time and all. Anyway, I’m
Lacey. Well, I guess you know that from the invitation. And you are?”
He simply stared, and God help her, she felt his gaze. It started in
her toes, then crept up her body, inside her. It was like fire, licking
every inch and crevice until her skin burned with need. Jesus, Lacey,
the actual party is inside and here you are, all hot and heavy for the freaking
Lacey gave him one last smile, then turned and walked farther
down the hallway. The first thing that struck her was how cold it was.
Freezing was more like it. She hung her purse in the closet, then
wrapped her arms around herself.
“I’m Cameron. My name. Uh…it’s Cameron. Cameron Jennings,”
he called after her.
Cameron. Lacey turned her head and gave him a smile, then
continued toward the music. She swallowed the lump in her throat as
goose bumps covered her arms. I should leave. Turn around, go home,
and watch a movie like I do every night. I don’t belong here. She shook her
head against the negativity. No. I’m a twenty-nine-year-old woman who is
desperately trying to find herself and build confidence, emotionally and
sexually. I do belong here. Her mind continued its assault, but somehow
her feet carried her deeper into the hallway until she finally arrived in
the living room. Holy motherfucker…
The room was quite large with gray walls and dimmed lights.
Black sofas and chairs were spread throughout, and on the end tables
were flutes of what she assumed to be champagne. The music played
just loud enough to drown out one’s thoughts, and people were
scattered throughout the room. Men and women, their faces partially
covered by their masks, purple for the females, black for the males.
The vibe from the room screamed mystery. Intensity. Sex.
Lacey took a shaky breath and concentrated on keeping a normal
pace as she walked to one of the tables, grabbed a glass of champagne,
then went and sat in an empty chair in the corner of the room. She
crossed her legs and raised the glass to her lips for a small sip. As the
bubbles glided along her tongue, she felt herself relax. The hardest part
was the drive over, Lacey. Now you’re here, so watch and enjoy.
She glanced around the room, a little unsure of what she should
do. Come on, Stassi. Where are you? She’d promised she’d be in right
behind her, and of course, here she was. Alone.
The music changed as Lacey raised her glass to take another sip of
champagne. She closed her eyes and let the melody and lyrics wash
over her. The woman’s voice rang out over the speakers, scratchy and
passionate, the words she delivered deliciously explicit as she sang
about desire. Hot, achy, needy desire.
She heard a movement in front of her and opened her eyes to find
a man leading a woman to a large, circular cushion. As he sat down,
Lacey noticed the chatter around her had died, and everyone seemed
to watch them eagerly. As the music continued to play, the man leaned
back on his forearms and nibbled his bottom lip while he watched the
woman reach up and unclip her hair. Her long, blonde locks fell down
her back, and her hands roamed over her curves as she smiled. Her
hips swished back and forth as she glided toward him. She grabbed
his shirt by the collar, then tugged him until he slid down and sat on
the floor, his head resting on the cushion.
Lacey swallowed as she watched the woman place her knees on
either side of his head. Short bursts of excitement burst from her
lungs, and her breasts pushed against the top of her dress. He’s not
going to…surely not right here. That’d be…
She didn’t have time to finish her thought, because the next second
the man pushed up the woman’s black dress, used his hands to spread
her thighs, and buried his face in her sex. Lacey slowly inhaled as the
woman pulled off the garment, her large and perfect breasts spilling
free. She moaned as she ground against him, one hand supporting her
weight as she leaned over him, the other hand between her legs, her
fingers curled in his hair.
The people around her began to move, too. Some made their
way to the next hallway in groups of twos and threes, and others
began to kiss and explore each other right where they were.
Lacey couldn’t have moved if she wanted to. She couldn’t think—
hell, she could barely breathe. All she could do was watch the
couple in front of her. She’d never seen anything like this in her
life. Typically, she didn’t even care for porn, but the scene in
front of her made her entire body tingle. She pulled her legs up
onto her chair, and a small gasp escaped her throat as her
excitement pooled in her center. A moan slipped through her lips
as her juices leaked out and dripped down her sensitive, swollen
flesh. Holy hell, holy hell, holy hell. She squirmed in her seat as
desire overtook her. Her rapid heartbeat pulsed in her head, her
neck, her clit. She wanted nothing more than to touch herself.
She hurt so badly, she needed to touch herself, to make
herself come.
She glanced around at the few people who hadn’t gone to the
private rooms. A couple to the side of her, both still fully clothed,
ravished each other in one of the chairs. The woman straddled him,
and Lacey pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as his hands
explored every inch of her body. With each move, her skirt slid a few
inches higher, a little more of her thighs exposed each time. A few of
the other couples were already naked on the sofas. Some had sex, and
some simply enjoyed each other as fingertips ran up and down arms
and legs, over breasts and along their sex.
As everyone allowed themselves to experience the naughty fun,
Lacey’s thoughts continued to rage a war in her head. She knew if she
gave in to her body and pleasured herself, it would be the least
shocking thing taking place in the room, but even as that knowledge
swirled in her head, she still couldn’t believe she was actually
considering it. This wasn’t her. She didn’t go to sex parties and
masturbate while she watched others screw. Sex was supposed to be
intimate and private, right? That’s how she viewed it. And yet, here
she sat. A shivering, achy mess.
She swallowed the rest of her champagne and put the glass on the
floor beside her. She didn’t have time to think of how she normally
behaved. All she knew was she was in desperate need of release, and
with every second she didn’t give into the urge, her head pounded
harder. Not from the alcohol, but from her body’s unrelenting ache.
Every tremble, every shudder was her body begging her for an
orgasm. She quickly glanced around, then inched up her dress and
glanced down at her legs. Fuck! My pantyhose. Should I take them off?
Just do it over them? Dammit, dammit, dammit…
“And that, sugar, is why you aren’t supposed to wear panties.”
The deep voice startled her, and she looked up into the eyes of a
man in front of her. “They’re pantyhose. They’re—”
“Two totally separate things. Yeah, I know.”
Lacey realized she was looking at the doorman from earlier.
Cameron. If she hadn’t been so preoccupied with the lust wreaking
havoc in her veins, she would have recognized his broad chest and
shoulders. After all, there was built, then there was Cameron.
She turned her head so she could keep her gaze on him as he crept
behind her, then dropped to his knees. His peppery cologne filled her
nose as he leaned in. His lips grazed her ear as he whispered, “Do you
like what you’re watching?”
His breath sent tingles up her neck, and her sex clenched harder.
Painfully. Like she was empty and needed to be filled.
His fingers moved through her long, dark curls as he pulled them
to the side. She closed her eyes and moaned as his scorching lips came
into contact with her neck. His wet tongue skated out and ran up her
skin to her ear. “Open your eyes, sugar.”
Lacey did as she was told. The man in front of her ran his hands
up the woman’s back and pushed her down until her cheek rested on
the cushion, her ass up in the air. The position showed everything.
“What’s he doing to her?” Cameron asked as his hands made their
way down to her chest, and his long fingers massaged the tops of her
breasts over her dress. He applied perfect pressure, squeezing them
just right, and her nipples hardened beneath his touch.
“He’s going down on her.”
Cameron chuckled and allowed his hands to travel to her waist.
“Going down on her? Please. That’s what guys do when they feel it’s
something they have to do. Like it’s a chore.” He removed his hands,
then made his way around her chair until he was in front of her. He
placed his palms on her shaking knees, his thumbs still massaging,
and ran his tongue over his lips. “Open your legs?”
Lacey watched her legs tremble as she parted them slightly,
allowing Cameron to slide in between them. The feel of his body and
his heat against her center had her helplessly trying to grind into the
chair. Anything to get some friction where she needed it most.
He leaned in until their lips almost touched, but stopped just short
of kissing her. “What he’s doing, Lacey, is eating her pussy.” He ran his
mouth across her cheek and to her ear, his hot breath sending chills
up her spine as he spoke. “Watch him. He’s devouring her. He wants to
feel every ounce of her wetness on his tongue, then he wants to
swallow it down. Do you see? Can you tell the difference?”
Lacey watched, transfixed, as the man’s tongue disappeared in and
out of the woman. She heard him moan as he used his fingers to fill
her up. Every now and then, he’d place one of them back into his
mouth and suck off her juices, then he’d grab her thighs or hips and
push her down farther into his mouth. Onto his face.
“Oh!” Lacey threw her head back as Cameron used the palm of his
hand to push against her center.
“Mmm…I can feel how wet you are. Tell me, baby, do you need
to come?”
“Yes…yes please.” She clumsily attempted to remove her stockings,
but he took her hands and placed them on the armrests.
“No need,” he grabbed the middle of her pantyhose, right above
her sex, and ripped them open.
Her center throbbed from both her need and the cool air that now
caressed her sensitive skin. She could feel her wetness on her inner
thighs, and she attempted to rub them together to get some sort of
relief, but it proved impossible with him kneeling between her legs.
Cameron leaned down and hovered just above her sex.
Her legs shook, her fingers dug into the armrests, and her hips
continuously rose off the chair involuntarily. Just when she was ready
to beg for him to put his mouth on her, she felt his tongue softly skate
over her lips.
“Keep looking at them,” he whispered against her. “Watch them
while I eat you.”
She opened her eyes as the couple changed positions. The man
climbed his way up the woman’s body and ran his fingers over her
nipples. She arched her back beneath him, filling his hands with her
full breasts. Their sounds of pleasure filled the room when he finally
thrust into her. Lacey saw the exact moment the man pushed his dick
deep inside the woman, and it sent a shiver through her body and into
her sex, where Cameron’s mouth gladly absorbed it. He moaned, no,
growled, against her wet flesh, and she couldn’t help but run her
fingers through his hair and scoot a little closer. He pulled away just
long enough to grab her, his fingertips pressed firmly into her hips,
and yank her forward until her ass hung off the chair. He positioned
her legs over his shoulders and lifted her, then slid his fingers inside
her while his tongue softly massaged her clit. Back and forth, in and
out, back and forth…
“Oh, God. Cameron, I…I think I’m going to come. Can you do it
faster, please?”
“Do what faster, sugar?”
“Say it.” He pulled away and looked at her, his eyes dark and
hooded, his lips wet from her center. “I’ll do anything you want, I
promise you. Anything to make you come. Just tell me what it is, baby.”
“Eat me faster, please.” Lacey whimpered.
“Eat what, sugar?”
He was toying with her, the little prick, and she wasn’t about to let
him get away with it. Fake it till you make it. She took a deep breath as
she gathered up every ounce of courage she had, looked him straight
in the eyes, and spoke with a confidence she wasn’t aware she
possessed. “Eat my pussy faster. And harder. Please.” She curled her
fingers into his short hair and gently pulled him down as she
shimmied her sex beneath him, just out of reach of his mouth.
Cameron did exactly as she requested. His tongue pushed with
more pressure against her clit and through her folds in small, fast
circles. Then he went down and wiggled it into her opening, lapping
her up from the inside, fucking her with his mouth.
The pressure began to build deep inside her. Her engorged clit
pulsed with the need for release, and she continued to raise her hips
and circle her center against his mouth. He took everything she gave.
His moans vibrated against her skin as he licked every inch of her, his
fingers flexing against her while his tongue pushed her toward her
release. She felt his hands curl around the tops of her thighs, then he
pulled her aching clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it,
his lips massaging as he kissed and sucked.
Lacey’s entire body went stiff as she came. The sensation rolled
through her, over and over, and the second she thought she couldn’t
possibly come anymore, he used his fingers to spread her lips and lick
her again with the flat of his tongue. Slowly and incredibly softly,
intensifying her orgasm.
He continued to tenderly kiss her center as her breathing returned
to normal, his lips applying the gentlest of pressure to her folds.
Finally, he ran his hands up the back of her thighs until he cupped her
ass, gave it a squeeze, then pushed her back until she sat in the chair
Lacey ran her fingers through her hair and pushed long strands
away from her face. “That…that was…”
“Yeah.” Cameron licked his lips and continued to massage her
thighs with his palms.
Lacey covered his hands with hers, and he gave them the gentlest
squeeze back. His mask still covered most of his face, and she
desperately wanted to see beneath it. She needed to see him. “Will you
please take off your mask?”
He hesitated for the briefest of moments, and then his hands left
her legs.
Her heart felt as if it stopped beating, heavy with anticipation, as
he reached up and finally took the mask off. He looked up at her and
smiled, his incredibly handsome face and strong jawline made her
already turned-upside-down stomach do summersaults.
“Hi, sugar.”
“Hello. It’s so nice to meet you.”
Cameron chuckled back at her as his face studied hers.
She held her breath as his hand made its way to her cheek, and his
thumb ran over her bottom lip, his eyes bore into hers. “Lacey, I—”
“Well, hey there.”
Cameron hurriedly put his mask back on as he moved his body in
between her legs.
She looked up to see a man in a black suit with his hair combed up
and toward the center standing above them, smirking.
“What’s up?” Cameron asked, clearly agitated.
The man leaned down and whispered in Cameron’s ear.
“Fuck,” he grumbled as the man stood. He turned back to Lacey,
“Sorry, I have to go. I—”
“Dude, come on.”
“I’m coming.” He leaned in and kissed Lacey on the cheek. “Don’t
leave yet, okay? Just give me a few minutes, and I’ll be back as soon as
I can.”
Lacey nodded and watched as he walked down the hallway, then
disappeared into one of the back rooms, the other guy hot on his
heels. Once he was gone, she stood up and fixed her dress as she
glanced at the other couples. They were all still busy in their erotic
endeavors, limbs tangled and pelvises grinding into each other. She
looked back down the hall to where Cameron had disappeared,
hesitated for only a moment, and then quickly made her exit.

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