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Blog Tour: Lord and Master Trilogy by Kait Jagger

Lord and Master Trilogy
Kait Jagger
Publication date: March 20th 2017
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Suspense
You think you know Luna Gregory?
Maybe you see what her boss, the Marchioness of Lionsbridge, sees: the best PA she’s ever had, a 26-year-old fixer who makes problems disappear with four quiet words—‘Leave it with me.’ Or you see a remote, untouchable Ice Princess who the 500-year-old Arborage Estate’s heir presumptive longs to crush under his heel. Possibly, if you’re looking carefully, you see Luna as her friends see her: the quiet one, touched by childhood tragedy, who laughs at their jokes and has their backs no matter what.
But ultimately it takes charismatic, devastatingly attractive Swedish entrepreneur Stefan Lundgren, third in line to inherit the estate, to glimpse the intelligent, fiercely independent woman under Luna’s calm exterior. And what he sees he wants, this woman in ten thousand who is meant for him, body writhing beneath his in the dark of night, her inner self slowly revealing itself to him. Or so he believes.
But Luna has built an entire life predicated on concealment, on maintaining control and hiding dark things in drawers. It will take the entirety of the Lord and Master trilogy, from the manicured gardens of Arborage, to the wilds of Shetland, to the streets of Stockholm, for her to step out of the shadows in the face of a new threat to Arborage.
You think you know Luna? You don’t.
The Lord and Master trilogy:
Lord and Master
Her Master’s Servant
The Marchioness
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‘So, you’re here for one night,’ she said, ‘and you’re going to spend it sitting there, drinking yourself into oblivion.’

      Lifting his glass to toast her, Stefan replied, ‘Looks like it.’ And drained it.

      ‘And this is somehow all my fault, I take it. That you’re behaving like an idiot. Even though I had absolutely no idea about your little notch-post game with Mika.’

      ‘And Dagmar?’

      ‘What about her?’

      Josses, Luna, are you really that clueless? She has a crush on you.’

      ‘That’s ridicu—’

      ‘She has a crush on you,’ he insisted, rolling his eyes, ‘and I am just as capable of being jealous of a woman as I am of a man.’

      ‘What I don’t understand is why you’re jealous at all!’ Luna exclaimed. ‘For you to be jealous, you’d have to seriously believe that I was somehow tempted by Mika or Dagmar. That it wasn’t just Mika playing that stupid game the two of you play.’

      ‘It’s been a long time since we’ve played that game. Since I’ve played it. I’m not that man anymore.’

      ‘Well, thank fuck for that,’ Luna said. ‘And me, what kind of woman do you think I am? Do you think I’m interested in anyone but you?’ Stefan opened his mouth, but Luna cut him off. ‘And let me just tell you – the only right answer is no. No, Luna, I don’t. So you’d better say it,’ she warned him. ‘You’d better say you don’t for a second believe that I was tempted by either of them!’

      He studied his hands for a moment, then placed his empty tumbler on the table beside him. ‘No,’ he said quietly. ‘I don’t think you were.’

      Luna prepared to exhale a sigh of relief, only for him to continue, ‘But here’s what I do think. I think that after two long months apart, when I was suffering the fires of hell, and you were suffering too, and now another two months when I am working my ass off down at Arborage, dealing with Helen’s craziness and Augusta’s intransigence, when I am alone in my bed in London, and missing the hell out of you, I think part of you took secret pleasure in getting on the phone with me every night, telling me about your adventures with Mika, and how well appreciated you are by your lovely boss, and what a wonderful time you are having up in Shetland now. No, you weren’t tempted, but I think a small part of you enjoyed the possibility of me thinking that you were. Me, seven hundred miles away, unable to do a thing about it.’

      Luna stared at him, open-mouthed. Then shut her mouth. Then said, ‘I refute that. I categorically refute it.’

      It was as if he didn’t even hear her, because he went on, ‘And the problem is, what this makes me want to do.’ He clenched his fists, eyes transfixed by them like they weren’t his; didn’t belong to him. ‘It makes me want to punish you. To punish you, Luna.’

      Silence. Her staring at him; him staring down at his fists. From somewhere far away, she heard her voice saying, ‘Maybe you should.’

Author Bio:
I live on a farm in Lancashire, England with my husband, four children, one dog and one cat. Like Luna Gregory, the lead character of the Lord and Master trilogy, I make my living as a personal assistant.


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