Monday, January 30, 2017

#Giveaway! #Win a #Kindle & #Amazon #giftcards! The F Student by Xyla Turner

The F Student
Xyla Turner
Publication date: January 10th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Cassius Rice, A.K.A., Cash has not done well in his college classes for over a year. With one semester to go, his father cut him off financially, leaving Cash out of luck. With no other options, he took up an offer that he later regrets. Sleep with his professor and record it, then he would have the money to obtain his college degree.
Simple enough for Cash.
What he did not expect was the Professor’s Teaching Assistant to block his efforts nor did he expect the underground fighting world to be so lucrative. All he wanted was to accomplish his quest and graduate.
Find out what happens when this F student applies himself in more ways than one.
Stay tuned for The D Student, The C Student, The B Student and The A Student.
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“Ah, yes. Mr. Rice. It’s good to hear from you,” the woman responded when I told her who I was on the phone.
“I received your letter about the cancellation of aid and I was hoping to speak with you about my options. If there are any.” 
“Right.” The line went silent. “Well, how about you come into my office?  We can sit down and really map out your options, if there are any available.”
She emphasized the last part of her statement.
“Look, lady. I don’t mean any disrespect but let’s not waste each other’s time. I’ve fucked up horribly and I got nowhere else to turn. You sent me the letter mentioning other options but you and I both know I haven’t done shit for a year and a half now. You can see my grades prior to that. We know I’m more than capable, but it’s been a helluva a year. I’m not trying to give you excuses but I’m just saying, if there’s a chance, I’ll be at your office in thirty minutes. If not, then just tell me that.”
I had nothing to lose but I didn’t want to go around getting my hopes up either. 
“Well,” she started. “I’ll see you in an hour.”
Then she hung up.

Author Bio:
Xyla Turner is an award-winning, best-selling romance author. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and is a dedicated educator. Outside of reading, Xyla likes to spend time with her family and travel as much as her schedule permits.
Xyla is a proud member of Author Go, the online game for readers. Visit
If you want to join Xyla World, simply log onto and download the Xyla World App on iPhones & Android devices.
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This looks like it'll be an interesting book. Plus books with underground fighting and college aged students usually peak my interest. :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

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blackmail under ground fighting sounds like a saucy action packed story IM intrigued

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I liked both the book description, and the excerpt. I've added this book to my book wishlist.

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I would choose this book by the cover alone. I love tats on men.