Thursday, January 12, 2017

4.5 Star #Review for RIP CORD: The Reunion & The Weekend by Jeanne St. James

4.5 Stars from Harlie William's blog:

" I just gotta say that I don’t read M/M but I really did like this one.  If I had a complaint it’s that it just ended.  I want the 3rd book...
I did love how they reconnected.  Plus, with Gil’s friend Kate, there, the reunion was sweet and funny.  To have a crush like that for so long and then to be able to act on the crush…sweet and highly sexy.  Oh yes, this book is chopped full of many sexy times.  I really was hoping that Rip would give in to…  Oops, sorry almost gave away a spoiler.  He He!

Overall, if you are looking for a quick, sexy M/M with a totally alpha in the deepest closet football player and a sexy nerd, this book is for you.  Just remember that I felt like there should be another book to finish their story.  Totally recommended.  :)"

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Here is the third book where they finally get their HEA:

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