Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am temporarily hijacking my own blog… for a good cause, of course. I love animals, and most of you do, too. I’ve had dogs most of my life and a year ago rescued a deaf French bulldog, who we named Iggy. He’s a handful but I love him anyhow and it mystifies me why anyone would have given him up, unless he was no longer “convenient.”

Just the thought of a dog not being “convenient” or becoming too much “work” is not a good excuse to abuse your pet -- the pet that relies on you every day to take care of him or her -- at least for basics like food, water, exercise… And then it would be nice if they also got love and attention. We all want that. Not just our pets.

My reason for this post is this: recently, a grass roots movement started for Patrick’s Law. Read more about it here: http://www.patrickslaw.com/

If you don't know about Patrick, the miracle pit bull, here was the tragic start of his journey to a better life! http://www.ahscares.org/showarchive.asp?id=772

This is Patrick, named for St. Patrick's Day, since he was found on March 16th

WARNING, his story is heartbreaking and will most likely make you angry. It’s hard to believe that humans can be this cruel.

Please “like” the Patrick’s Law page on Facebook also: www.facebook.com/PatricksLawNow

If you Twitter: www.twitter.com/patrickslaw

If you would like to read daily updates on Patrick go here: http://www.ahscares.org/showarchive.asp?id=784

So what can YOU do? It’s simple: spread the word! The more people involved in this movement the better chance laws like this will be passed. Many of us have blogs, have Twitter accounts, MySpace and Facebook pages.

Want to do more? Foster, adopt, donate to an animal rescue, a humane society, etc., or volunteer your time to your local shelter or your favorite breed’s rescue group. There are plenty of little things you can do. And whether you think your “little” effort makes a difference, IT DOES, all the “little things” add up!

It’s past time to make sure animal abusers, like Patrick's, are held responsible and that the punishment fits the crime!


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