Friday, February 04, 2011

Interview with LSB author Rhonda Print

Please welcome Rhonda Print, a fellow LSB author who has a new release. Stop back tomorrow to read all about it!

• Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m honored to be with you today! I relocated to the desert southwest several years ago. I have a lifelong love of reading and that morphed into following my dream of becoming a writer. I started writing Nightwalker, A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel just to see if I could. Once I completed it, I started learing how to get it published. It is one of my most prized personal achievements that Nightwalker is published!

• Do you use a pseudonym and if so, why?

I don’t. I considered it, however, I am very proud of what I write!

• What genre do you write in? Why did you pick that genre?

I write paranormal romance. I fell in love with the genre and the possibilities are endless!

• What inspires you to write the type of stories that you write?

The beauty of the desert around me.

• How would you describe your writing style? Plotter or pantser? Why?

My characters control the story line! I’m definitely a pantser!

• What is your favorite genre to READ?

Romance with action and suspense.

• Do you have a specific place where you like to write? When, during the day, is your most creative time?

Evening is my most creative time but the stories are spinning in my head 24/7.

• What’s your typical writing day?

I try to write everyday. Usually in the afternoon and evenings but I have gone deep into the wee hours of the morning when things are flowing well.

• Do you have critique partners or beta readers? Why?

My husband and my best friend both read and critique my work.

• Who give you the most support along in your writing?

My husband and children! Without a doubt!

• Do you have another job (besides writing)? If so, what do you do?

I am a lunch lady at the local high school. I work on the snack cart.

• What’s your take on the future of ebooks and epublishing?

E-books are well on their way to the future of book publication but I don’t think they will ever completely eliminate print books. I, myself love the smell of books when I go to the library. I also love my Kindle!

• Do you have a favorite quote -- yours or someone famous or even infamous?

My family often quotes movie lines. I don’t think I really have one favorite though.

• What’s your favorite food?

Chocolate, Ice Cream and Coffee. Not necessarily in that order. LOL

• What’s your favorite movie? Why?

Ooo… too many good ones to choose.

• Do you have a favorite book or author?

I love the late Erma Bombeck. She has been very inspirational in my decision to write. She seemed so real and the type of person I would just love to live next door to. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to meet her. I’m also a huge fan of Laurell K. Hamilton, Linda Howard, Nora Roberts and Becca Fitzgerald, to name a few.

• Tell me about your latest or upcoming release?

Nightwalker, A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel is the first book in the series.

Here’s the blurb:

Leah Wolfe has retired from serious police work. Her unique, yet not fully discovered supernatural abilities allow her to speak to the souls of the dead. Her abilities have cost her almost everyone she has ever loved, most recently, her ex-fiancé Joaquín Wildhorse, Chief Detective of the Native American Police Dept. When Joaquín’s new lover is found murdered, he turns to Leah for help. The hunt for a vicious killer leads Leah to sexy Ian Nightwalker and Leah is unable to walk away from the case that may cost her her most guarded possession of all.

Her heart.
It is available at: Liquid Silver Books


I also just finished writing the second book in the Leah Wolfe SINS Novel Series, tentatively titled The Order of Chaos.

• Do you have any releases scheduled for 2011?

Nothing is scheduled but I hope to have The Order of Chaos out this year.

• What’s your next project?

An individual romance novel that is not part of the series and the third book to the Leah Wolfe SINS Novel.

• Where can readers find you on the web?

I love to hear from my readers. They can reach me at my webpage: and also on my blog at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me on your blog today. It was a blast!

Rhonda L. Print

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Wonderful interview!!! So glad I stopped by. It was great getting to know more about you Rhonda!