Sunday, August 29, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! This week I am posting a random six sentence portion of my work in progress "Brothers in Blue: Max." Ok... it's a few more sentences than six. But I'm sure you won't mind!

He was wearing a worn – so worn that they were almost white -- pair of Levi’s that fit real nicely. And a snug black T-shirt that exposed that tattoo -- the one that drew her eyes every time, as it did right now. As her inspection moved upward past his broad shoulders, she noticed he hadn’t shaved off the five o’clock shadow he had been sporting earlier – and it was damn sexy. The only thing that stopped him from looking like a full-blown rebel was the severe law enforcement hair cut. Not enough hair there to run her fingers through, or to grip onto when --

“Done?” He raised one eyebrow and he grinned. “Want me to strip right here on the stoop or can I come in first?”

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Graylin Fox said...

I vote for stripping him on the stoop!

jkflick, jlkennan, judith flickinger-pick one, they're all ME said...

go on inside. I wouldn't want to share with anyone!

Dee Carney said...

I vote "strip", but that's just how I roll.