Sunday, June 13, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! This week I am posting a random six sentence portion of my work in progress "Brothers in Blue: Max."

“Radio holder. Pepper spray. And these…” He popped open a black leather case and pulled out a set of shiny silver handcuffs, dangling them from one of his long fingers. “Are for bad little girls. Do you want to try them on for size?”

“I have my own set, thank you very much.” She smirked at him wickedly. “They’re pink and fuzzy.”

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Graylin Fox said...

I like it!

Dawne Prochilo said...

Love it- a woman with an attitude- perfect

Dee Carney said...

Ha! Bring it, baby!

KJ Reed said...

Hilarious share!

Alanna Coca said...

Aha! Saucy woman!