Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Bachelor Drinking Game

This is a game that was passed on to me. I can't play it because I would have to be drunk to watch The Bachelor in the first place!

Warning - I cannot be held responsible for any alcohol poisoning that may occur!

Take a shot/(or sip) when:

1.Whenever a bachelorette cries -- fake tears = sip
-- real tears = shot
2. Whenever a bachelorette claims to be in love. This should be a sliding scale decreasing as the episodes go by. Episode 2 full shot, by the end, a wee dram
3. Whenever a bachelorette says something that will be used as evidence to issue the restraining order against her = shot
4. Whenever someone claims that "I am not here to make friends" = shot
5. When it is announced that the rose ceremony is THE.MOST.DRAMATIC.EVER = sip
6. Whenever the bachelor is very confused about his choice = shot
7. Whenever a bachelorette rolls her eyes (better make that one a wee dram)
8. Whenever a bachelorette is drunk (sip)
9. Whenever the bachelor is drunk (shot -- unless he turns out to be like Charlie then we better make it a sip - I almost needed a liver transplant that season)
10. Whenever Mr. Obvious (Chris) announces that it is the last rose (sip)

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