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Raine’s Muse interviews Jaxon Sinclair and Alicia Stevens

Welcome my guest author, Raine Delight, today! ~ Jeanne

Raine’s Muse settles in his easy chair and sips from a mug of coffee. Tapping his foot, he waits for the the ladies of Devon Falls to come for their interview. He looks at the clock and before he could grumble about tardiness, a knock on his door makes him sigh in relief.

Standing up, he goes over and opens the door to the two ladies who smile as they walk into the den.

“Welcome ladies. I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place.” Muse says as he takes jackets and puts them away in the closet.

“Hey Muse,” Jax says as she sits on the love seat, “How’s it hanging?”

Laughing softly, Alicia smiles as she sits down on the leather seats, “Wow, muse, you really got some nice furniture this time around. Raine has been very good to you, hasn’t she?” A sly smile crosses her lips as she settles in for the interview.

Muse blushes a little, “Well...Um…it seems she wanted to reward me for getting Jax and Rod’s story done on time and I got some lovely leather furniture.” Clears his throat, “Shall we get started, Ladies?”

The murmuring consent had muse settle in his chair and as he raised his coffee cup, he grimaced at the cold coffee as it hit his lips. Muttering a blech, he picks up a recorder and turns it on.

Thank you for sitting down with me to answer some questions. – Muse

Alicia answers, “It is our pleasure Muse. We wouldn’t be here without you and frankly we really like talking with you, no matter what Damien and Rod had to say after their interview with you.” A smile teases her lips as she glances at Jaxon who is giggling softly.

Q: Alicia, you own the Dew Drop Bakery/Coffee shop. How has business been?

Alicia sits back and laughs, “I love my business and even though it is hard work each day, I think it fills a niche here in Devon Falls. We have our loyal customers who come in every day and then the visitors who come into town are always amazed to see something so “City-like” in such a small town.”

Jaxon agrees, “Yeah, those city folk seem so amazed that Devon Falls is not as backwards as they may think.” Grinning at Alicia, “Besides, once they taste Alicia’s cooking, they moan and groan like they died and went to heaven.”

Muse nods and smiles as Alicia tries not to blush, though her eyes sparkle at the compliments.

Q: Jax, how does it feel to have the local lothario, Rodrick Dracon, interested in you?

“Gee thanks Muse. I was in a good mood before you had to mention that man.” Grumbling and trying not to leave, Jax looks at muse and sighs, “Do you know how hard it is to resist that man? I swear he devises new tricks to get me interested. What does it take a swift kick in the pants to let him know I am not interested in him?”

Alicia hoots in laughter, “Who are you trying to convince: us or yourself? Frankly, it is about time you got together with him. Those sparks you both been showering us with are blazing hot, Jax. Besides he has one nice ass, don’t you think?” Alicia wiggles her eyebrows and smirks as Jax tries to not smack her cousin.

Muse laughs at Jax’s disgruntled expression, “Yep, you two are perfect for each other. I think this is my best pairing to date so far.”

Jax leans forward and glares at Alicia and muse, “If it was up to the two of you, I would be Rod’s sex toy and that is it. I want something more and if he thinks a wolf mating brand is the one thing that binds him to me, he has another thing coming.” Muttering about clueless cousins, annoying muses and other dire things, Muse moves along to the next question.

Q: Alicia, how does it feel to be with Damien again? Have you forgiven him for leaving you?

Alicia sighs and miles weakly, “Forgiveness is a work in progress. I can’t forget he left me and had lots of women,” as Jax mutters “Gorgeous models who look like twigs”, glares at Jax and continues, “But we are communicating differently now as well. We talk, laugh and basically work through our problems without the pain of the past to define what our future may be.”

Muse nods and gets up for some water. “Would you like something, ladies? I have water, pop and cold coffee, which I don’t recommend.” After a brief walk to the refrigerator, he hands Alicia and Jax some water as he sits back down.

Q: Both of you are dating the Dracon brothers who are powerful shifters. How do you feel about that and what was your first thought when you saw them shift into their forms?

Alicia lights up and smiles broadly, “Damien is gorgeous dragon and I can’t help but glide my hands around his scales. He looks so pretty and everything.”

Jax bursts out laughing and snickers, “Did you just call Damien a pretty dragon?”

“Yes so what. He is beautiful in dragon form.” Alicia says defensively.
Jax leans back and giggles, “I am trying to picture a “pretty” dragon that doesn’t want to eat you for dinner.”

Alicia snaps at Jax, “Well, you are dating a wolf shifter. What about you, how did you feel seeing him change?”

Jax slowly stops giggling and a sad look crosses her face, “Rod hasn’t shown me his wolf yet since we are still trying to deal with the whole, “You are my mate” thing that is between us. I am sure he is beautiful as well. I just haven’t seen his other form yet.” Shrugging, Jax takes a sip of water and glances out the window as Alicia looks stricken.

“Ok next question since you both look sad” muse says.

Q: What attracted you to your mates, ladies?

Jax sits up and glares at muse, “Mate? I haven’t decided if Rod is my mate so stop right there. I don’t need no two bit shifter telling me I am his anything and frankly, why can’t I decide if he is what I want?”

Muse looks at Jax calmly, “Because Jaxon, you both are perfect for each other and if I wanted you two together, I damn well was going to find a way to do so. So get over it. Besides all the sexual tension you two threw at me was giving me hives.”

Laughter erupts as Alicia looks at Jaxon and muse glaring at each other and wipes her eyes, “Jax give it up. You and Rod are perfect for each other and you have to admit he is one sexy man. So how does he look without his clothes?” Looking curious, Alicia draws close to the edge of the chair and looks expectantly at Jax.

Sputtering, Jax says, “You want me to discuss my sex life with you both? Are you insane?” Shaking her head back and forth, “Nope not going to happen.”

Alicia laughs and nods to muse, “Yep she has it bad if she is denying it so much.”

“Damien is a man who is wild and untamable. He was always my prince in shining armor and frankly, this second chance is a godsend because we both grew up and still love one another.” Alicia answers with a dreamy smile on her face.

Muse looks at Jaxon, “And you Jax…what attracts you to Rod?”

Jaxon swallows and looks to the floor, “He is sweet when he wants to be and he is nice to look at.” Looks up at the other two, “What, you want me to get all schmaltzy and romantic. Nope, leaving it up to Alicia here for you.” as Jax points to her cousin.

Sighing, Muse looks at Jax and mutters about obstinate females.

Ok last question for you both.

Q: Can you tell me what Jenna’s wedding is shaping up to be like?

Alicia and Jax look at each other and laugh hysterically. Muse looks at them quizzically as they wipe the tears from their eyes and as they giggle say, “Ask Jenna, I am sure she is dying to tell you what she wants for a wedding.”

“Yeah, it seems Marc’s mother has definite plans that do not match what Marc and Jenna want, so expect some serious fireworks there, especially as that side of the family is old fashioned and all.” Jax says as she wipes the tears in her eyes.

Muse sighs and looks at the time. Standing up, he gathers their coats and says, “Thanks ladies for an interesting time. I am glad to say you both were a lot better behaved than Damien and Rod was when they were here.”

Murmuring thanks and shrugging on jackets, Jax and Alicia gave muse a hug goodbye and walk out the door. Before muse can close it completely, Jax pops her head back in and says, “You asked me what attracted me to Rodrick before. Well his ass for one. It is all tight and yummy looking and the way he lights a fire inside me even as he annoys me to death. There you asked I answered. Happy now?”

Muse smiles as Jax leaves as he closes the door and murmurs “Those two are perfect for each other and it is time for them to see it. Now onto Grady’s story and the woman he is meant for.”

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Rodrick Dracon is the twin heir to the Dragon Inn. When he finds himself longing for a mate after being footloose and fancy free, he finds himself drawn to the most obnoxious, brassy woman he has ever met: Jaxon Sinclair. She is the one woman who doesn't melt when he goes by or hangs on his every word. She is just aggravating and down right sexy as sin! Soon the sparks fly, passion goes into boiling and Halloween approaches. Can a wolf shifter get this woman to heel before the full moon? Or can Jax turn the tables on this ladies man and tame the wolf?


Jax was stunned by the clenching of her pussy as he traced his finger down her nose. If she didn’t know better, she could have sworn there was a flare of interest in his eyes; though it could have been that she was moon mazed or something. Jax tried to still the weak kneed response to him touching her as she tried to form an annoying response.

“You can boil water? Oh My God!” Jax looked up at the darkening sky then back at Rod. “Wow the sky hasn’t fallen yet. Did you pay off Heaven or something? Has Hell frozen over and no one told the Devil?”

The smile that played on her lips had him growling low in his throat. Jax didn’t know what to think when Rod yanked her to him and said, “You have a death wish don’t you Jax? You really don’t want me to show you that I can do that and so much more.” The last was said so low and as he nipped her ear, Jax felt her bones turn to mush. He turned her on, no two ways about it and damn it, why him? He has to be the most annoying man on this planet yet he also was sexy as sin and damn it to hell and back, he made her want him with every inch of her being. Trying to shove away from him was like trying to hit a rock with an open palm. He was an immovable object and his eyes, she could have sworn, glowed faintly.

“Will you please let me go, you ass?” Jax tried to keep her voice strong and pissed off but dang it, he was making her stomach do flips every time he nipped her ear. “If you really want to prove to me you can cook, fine. I swear it is like your male ego got in a snit or something.” She huffed and blew her breath out when nothing else seemed to make him let go, though if she was honest with herself, she liked his hands on her body, not like she was going to tell this idiot that. No telling what else he would do with that information.

“Is it possible that I can go grab some food before I die of starvation? I swear if that was your goal tonight, Rod, you are not doing a very good job.” Jax said as she felt his hands glide down her arms then let go, the lack of his touch almost had her keening for more. This attraction she had for him was getting out of hand, especially as she and Rod rub against each other like oil and water.

Her treacherous body leaned into him before she caught herself and as she glared at him, she didn’t know what the hell was going on tonight but for some reason tonight he was determined to drive her insane.

“Go get your take out, Jax, but tomorrow, make no plans for the evening. I got something to prove and frankly, I am more than happy to show you what else I can do besides what you may perceive all I can do.”


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