Friday, December 25, 2009

13 Things I'd like for Christmas

13 Things I'd like for Christmas!
1. The day off. Yes, please. I would love to have this day off from work. Oh, I can’t have it? Ok, how about: can I work daylight? No? Damn. Maybe next year…

2. A Sony E-reader. I think that may finally come true this year. It will be nice to start reading some of my TBR e-books and NOT do it on my laptop.

3. World Peace. Ok, I’m not wishing for much. But I’d figure I’d throw that in here anyhow.

4. For my Muse to return. I know it went on vacation when I started editing and promoting three new releases. But it’s safe to come back now. I promise!

5. A million dollars. Hey, once again, a little out of reach, but I can wish anyway!

6. To be svelte. Ah. I’m really dreaming now.

7. A French Bulldog. I really, really want one. Pretty please???? I’ve been trying to adopt one from a rescue but they keep passing me by and I have LOADS of canine experience. I really do!

8. A new Christmas tree. Ok, my hubby insists we use the midget Charlie Brown Christmas tree that he’s used forever because it was his Grandmothers. I hate it! It’s ugly. It looks fake. And it’s hard to decorate. It’s going to mysteriously disappear on Dec 26th. *shrugs* “I thought YOU put it away in the attic, dear!”

9. A Taser. Yes. I do. And I think there is actually one wrapped under the ugly Christmas tree.

10. For my upcoming release to be a bestseller like my first two. My first two releases, Banged Up and Rip Cord, have been on the bestseller lists at All Romance Ebooks and Fictionwise. My hope is that my January 5th release from Loose Id, Double Dare, does the same! (*fingers crossed*)

11. Leather boots. I luvs me some leather boots. Black, please.

12. An Infinity FX50. Again, in black. Loaded. Santa can just move my Xterra out of the garage and give it to a family in need if he replaces it with this. :)

13. The Steelers to win the Super Bowl. Again. For the 7th time. I’m stretching it here, too. They sucked this season and I don’t even expect them to get a Wild Card spot. But, hey, this is a wish list…

So what's YOUR strangest thing you asked for Christmas or Hanukkah this year?

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Heather said...

I didn't ask for anything outrageous this year. The only thing I really wanted was a digital camera and a new apartment.
Winter Wonderland

Elise Logan said...

Hah. Midget Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I'll take a million bucks, too, but you can keep the car. i'm anti Mitsubishi anything (Infinity is just a fancy Mitsubishi)for all kinds of political/moral reasons that I won't inflict upon you.

But leather boots would be on my list, too. In fact, they are my reward to myself when I hit my goal weight. Really hot, super awesome boots.

Jeanne St. James said...

Just a point of clarification, Infiniti is a division of Nissan, not Mitsubishi. I would not own a Mitsubishi either. But I love my Nissans. We have four!