Thursday, October 22, 2009



As an emergency dispatcher, we have actually received complaints about other drivers doing the following. BTW, we really don’t care unless they are causing a problem.

1. Text/Twitter
2. Read the newspaper
3. Put on makeup
4. Masturbate
5. Surf the web
6. Drink a beer
7. Watch TV/Movie
8. Switch drivers
9. Stay left just because your GPS says so
10. Point a gun at another motorist
11. Do the hand motions to the "YMCA" (since you need at least 1 to drive)
12. Lean over the seat to smack the kid in the back or Nurse your child
13. Change clothes

And I know this is #14 but I just have to add this one: DO NOT give the Trooper who is passing you the finger. Yes, it happens.

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Inez Kelley said...

Uhm, who masturbates while driving??

Jennifer Leeland said...

OMG! I was stunned when one of my friends was ripping down the highway at 80mph and texting at the same time. *shakes head*
Eating and driving is a bad one for me.

susan said...

when you stop and think about what others do while make you want to stay home. Ha To think when I was dating my now husband all my mom complained about was..don't set so close to him..he can't drive with you so close. I do think that's minor about everyone else? ha ha susan L

Ella Drake said...

I love seeing people drinking coffee, putting on makeup and rocking to their music all at the same time. No hands on wheel.
*shakes head*

Alice Audrey said...

Masturbate?! Wouldn't that be cause for arrest for other reasons?

Yeah, never flip off a cop.

Elise Logan said...

It amazes me how idiotic some people can be.

*shakes head*

Paige Tyler said...

I totally agree with all of those!


My TT is at

Stephanie Adkins said...

Oh yes ... I'm guilty of many of those. LOL Great list Jeanne! Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

What?! You should have told me about #12 and #4, years ago. ;)

Happy TT.

Paris said...

Actually, my mom was on a bus years ago, looked down and yeah, some guy was masturbating in the car next to her!

These days it's the people texting and talking on the phone. I try to stay out of their way!

Shelley Munro said...

I can never understand why sending a text is SO important that it can't wait until you're at the destination. We have a new law about driving and cell phones coming in on 1 Nov in NZ.

Nina Pierce said...

Friends of mind had sex while driving. But we live in the middle of nowhere ... not much else to do on the empty interstate. LOL! Great list Jeanne.

Heather said...

People can be exceedingly stupid!

Ms Menozzi said...

I can honestly say I've never done any of these. I guess I'm just not very adventurous. LOL!

Happy TT!
Ciao for now!

Adelle Laudan said...

Makes me nervous for when my girls start driving. I think I'll confiscate their phones then. LOL
Great list. Happy T13!

Yvette Davis said...

#10 is especially important to keep in mind at all times. This here is redneck country, and its best if people keep their pieces in their pants if you know what I mean! I'd add don't recite mantras whilst driving either. I have a tendency to get a little too ...relaxed if I do that and almost rear-ended somebody!