Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RWA National Conference 2009

Here are some pictures taken at the National Conference in Washington, D.C.:

Me (on the right) with my roomie, December Gephart

The Irish Four Fields Pub where the party was for the Passionate Ink chapter.

A great group of authors ate at a very delicious Lebanese restaurant one night. (above 2 photos)
I got to meet Virginia Kantra, author of the Children of the Sea Series. I love the series!

The Romance Divas had a dinner at Medaterra, a Mediteranean restaurant.
Great food! Great company! (Above 3 photos)

Jennie Crusie, author of a lot of great funny contemporary romances, speaking in one of the sessions. She is always great to hear in person.

The RWA Online chapter's get-together. We ate lots of delicious chocolate fondue.
(Above 2 photos)

The Litaracy Signing - it was LOUD and packed.

This is where we stayed and where the conference was held: The Wardman Park Marriott. I don't have much to say about the place. Overpriced.

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Saskia Walker said...

Great photos, Jeanne! Thanks for sharing.