Thursday, April 02, 2009

Weigh in: Kindle vs Sony Ereader

Hmm. I'd love to know. Ok, I confess. I'm cheap. I budget. Maybe because I have a mortgage, a car loan, credit cards w/ balances (due to my earning my BS in Criminal Justice) AND my school loan (again, due to my recent degree in Criminal Justice). Ok, get to the point, right? So, here's the deal: I have LOADS and I mean LOADS of ebooks. I love ebooks... they're reasonably priced, there is a great selection, and there are a lot of free reads (to try new authors). However, I hate reading them on my computers. If forced to, I'll read them on my laptop but definitely NOT on my desktop. My point? I have a HUGE pile of TBR ebooks sitting on my laptop. I would love to have an ereader to take them with me, to be able to read them where ever . So is it worth me buying one? Not sure. The economy sucks, everyone is buckling down. So Sony? Amazon? Are you willing to let this girl have one to try and review? If so, just drop me a line!

Wishful thinking on my part. But seriously, I would love to hear from ereader owners, whether it's the Kindle, the Sony 505, the Sony 700, or whatever. Give me your opinions. Convince me on which one I should own!


Emeraldjaguar said...

What format are your ebooks? Keep in mind that you may have to convert most or all of your ebooks into a format that a reader will recognize. Buying a Kindle will lock you to Amazon forever, whereas with Sony you can get books wherever. Sony is about $100 cheaper than a Kindle. Also, there have been more long term complaints with Kindle, as in the thing stops functioning well after a few months.

Dear Author and Smart Bitches have done several comparisons with all the different readers. Worth looking into.

Jeanne St. James said...

I have all .PDF files. So I would need the best reader for those files.