Monday, March 09, 2009

Quiznos -- Bad Marketing

Here's a great example of bad marketing. Quiznos recently ran a promotion giving away 1 million free subs. Wow, there has been problems with that from the get-go and who suffered? The consumers who had to deal with the pissed-off franchisees. Quizno's corporate and also the franchise owners have to understand that we, as consumers do not know what is brewing behind the scenes. All we know is that we sign up for a promotion, print out the coupon and go to the store to pick up our item and if we purchase additional items while we are there, then great.

However, My fiance and I went to use our coupons on March 1st. They were both valid coupons (until 3/5) and we were given crap about it saying that the coupons were no good and Quiznos are going to be sending out 1 Million more (lie) and after arguing with the 2 bitchy employees I insisted on talking to a manager. They told me to come back the next day. Wrong. I said no, I want to speak with one now. They called the franchisee owner and she told them to try to run them first to see if they were valid. Well, surprise, surprise, they were valid!!! We did finally get our free subs and while there purchased a 3rd. But never again.

That was my first and last time at Quiznos. I had banned Subway years ago because of coupon debacles (too many stores not participating). Now Quiznos. I'd rather eat at the local pizza shop (their subs are better anyway) then either of those places now. Forget it. They lost my business from the get-go. The owner called me today and ranted and raved for about 10 minutes on the phone on how the corporate is screwing the franchises. You know what? Not my problem. I'm the consumer. I'm the one that suffered.

BTW, when I ban a chain, I ban it. I haven't been back to Subway in over 10 years. I'd rather starve first.


Sara Winters said...

From my perspective (as someone who knows and works for a Quiznos franchise owner) not only were they not all participating in the promotion, some of them weren't even told it was going on. When I discussed it with my boss a couple fo weeks ago, he hadn't the first clue the company was even doing it. That is something that can be blamed on the corporate office's communication skills, not the local restaurant.

Jeanne St. James said...

The problem I had at the local restaurant is the employees attitudes. Remember WE are the consumer, WE do not know what is going on behind the scenes, nor do we care. Quiznos runs a promotion and we expect them to follow through, not jerk their customers around. But basically, you are right, corporate is the entity responsible for this promotion failure. Instead of increasing business they ended up alienating current and prospective customers.