Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Romance Reviews Top Pick & 5 Star Review for DARING PROPOSAL by Jeanne St. James

5 Star Review and a TOP PICK at The Romance Reviews

5 deliciously erotic MMF ménage stars for DARING PROPOSAL!

At the ripe old age of 32, Lawrence "Long-Arm" Landis is a retired Boston Bulldogs quarterback still enjoying the benefit of the spotlight along with his former running back Cole Dixon. Cole has never made his bisexuality a secret to his teammates, choosing to embrace it and have as much fun as he can while he can...something that Ren envies. When Ren and Cole are both won by Eve Sanders at a charity auction, neither expected their one date to turn into a love triangle...but Eve did. She saw what her friend had with her two men and wanted that too, and was willing to put herself out there to make it happen. Despite the men's reluctance to date the same woman, neither can stay away from Eve. And when she suggests they all try to get together? Well, things couldn't get any hotter!

DARING PROPOSAL is book 2 in the Dare Ménage series by Ms. St. James, and just like book 1, I'm drooling over the delectable MMF ménage! There's not too many character "types" better than football players, and add in there the benefit of some guy-on-guy action and Ms. St. James has made my day. I have to say that DARING PROPOSAL is the first erotic romance book in awhile to make me squirm...it's THAT sexy.

I really dug Eve, she was a "life is short" personality who went all in for what she wanted, which was a ménage relationship with Cole and Ren. Cole was sweet and playful, while Ren was darker, more broody and reserved, but they complemented each other so well. And when the threesome sexytime starts? Hold the hell on ladies, because it's SAAAMOOOKIN'! I'm breathlessly waiting for the next book in this sinfully erotic series by the talented Ms. St. James! - See more at:http://glbt.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=23908#sthash.W1UfAqUK.dpuf

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