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Guest Author L.M. Brown Talks About Her Favorite Vampires!

My Favourite Vampires

First of all, thank you for having me here today. 

As anyone who reads my brand new story will guess, I have been a fan of all things vampire for a long time. I am much like Martyn in that regard.

That being the case, I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you today.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Despite the name, as anyone who has watched the show will know, Buffy may have been chosen to kill vampires, but she spent just as much time being romanced by Angel and Spike as she did dusting the newly risen.  I watched the series from the very start, as well as the 80s film of the same name, and was very sad to see it end, though am glad it went out on a high note.

My favourite vampire in the show was definitely Spike.  While Angel had the brooding part down, Spike had all the witty one-liners and the perfect delivery of all of them.

“If every vampire who said he was at the Crucifixion was actually there it would've been like Woodstock. I was at Woodstock. I fed off a flower person and I spent six hours watching my hand move.” – Spike (School Hard).

I did watch the Angel spin off series as well, and while I enjoyed it, I don’t think it really matches up to Buffy, though I could never say exactly what was missing from the spin off.

Interview with the Vampire

These were amongst the first vampire stories I read that weren’t romances.  I lost track of the series after Memnoch the Devil, but have read all the ones up to and including that one.  Lestat is the perfect anti-hero.  Unlike Louis he is a vampire with no desire to change what he is.

I'm Gentleman Death in silk and lace, come to put out the candles. The canker in the heart of the rose. – Lestat (The Vampire Lestat)

Surprisingly I also liked the movie of the first book as well.  Normally, I am very critical of movies, especially when I have read the book first.  I was all ready to hate Tom Cruise’s portrayal of my favourite vampire, since I wasn’t a great fan of him anyway, but I thought he did a great job.  That being said, I may have been easier on him than I would have been if it had not been for the casting of Armand, because as compelling as Antonio Banderas is, he is not a seventeen year old auburn-haired youth.  Every time he comes on the screen I grind my teeth in frustration.

Despite that annoyance, I do enjoy the film, even if I like the books more.


Despite the fact it gets a lot of grief, I do actually quite like the Twilight series.  Yes, there are moments when I want to slap Bella and tell her to pull herself together, but I can say that about numerous characters in many books, those with or without vampires.

We’ve all poked fun at the sparkling vampires – I even make a reference to them in my new release – but at least it is something different and original.

While I can take or leave Edward and Bella and their story, I really liked the various secondary characters in Edward’s family and would have loved to see much more of them in their own stories. 

There are, of course, plenty of other vampires out there for those who enjoy them, everything from the classic Dracula through to The Lost Boys, Blade, and all the modern vampire lore. 

Not to mention, of course, the hundreds of a vampire romances that are out there, of which my newest release is just one of many. 

French Kissing Vampires for Beginners by L.M. Brown
A male/male romance


Tom is your typical modern vampire.  He lives in a detached house in the suburbs, pays his taxes, and bemoans the price of bottled blood.  He doesn’t usually tell people what he is, but sometimes it can’t be helped, like now, when he has toothache and needs the assistance of a dentist.

Martyn’s night isn’t going too well at all. He’s working late, his patient is a vampire, and now they’re being mugged. But what sort of a vampire is Tom if he can’t leap to the rescue and use his superpowers to save them?

There’s only one way to find out and Martyn, a self-confessed geek with a love for all things vampire, intends to get to know Tom better, despite the bloodsucker’s fear of dentists.


Outside, the street seemed to be deserted, but in this part of town, you could never quite tell for sure.

“Where are you parked?” Tom asked.

“The staff car park, round the back.” Dr Coleman gestured down the street, toward the corner he had hurried round earlier.

“I’ll walk you to your car,” Tom said.


“Because it’s late at night, and this is a rather disreputable area.”

“I’m a grown man and perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

Tom could tell he’d insulted the dentist, but decided to ignore the man’s annoyance. He walked toward the alley leading to the car park and waited for Dr Coleman to join him.

The dentist rolled his eyes and marched ahead of him, leaving Tom hurrying to catch up.

Half way down the alley, a shadowy figure stepped into their path.

“Your wallets, now,” the mugger demanded.

Tom caught the quick flash of a blade, and he flashed a smugly satisfied, albeit brief, smile at Dr Coleman.

Dr Coleman stared at him expectantly. Tom frowned. He had a feeling the dentist was trying to convey some silent message to him, but he had never been particularly good at interpreting body language. Mind reading would have been real handy right now. Unfortunately, while fictional vampires had the ability, Tom didn’t.  Life as a vampire had been disappointing from day one, and it hadn’t improved over the years.

“Hurry up,” the mugger snarled. “If you poufs can stop making googly eyes at each other.”

“Excuse me?” Tom asked. “What did you call me?”

The mugger jabbed the blade toward them. “Stop stalling and hand ‘em over.”

Tom sighed, gave a moment of thanks that he had very little cash on him, and tossed his wallet at the mugger.

“What are you doing?” Dr Coleman asked. “Aren’t you going to fight him?”


“Using your, er, unique abilities.”

“I don’t have any.”

Dr Coleman frowned. “What? None at all?”


“But you insisted on escorting me to my car. Wasn’t the reason in case something like this happened?”

“I was being polite.”

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L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances.  She believes that there is nothing hotter or sweeter than two men in love with each other… unless it is three.

When L.M. Brown isn’t bribing her fur babies for control of the laptop, she can usually be found with her nose in a book.

Where to find L.M. Brown: 

Twitter - @LMBrownAuthor


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