Wednesday, March 09, 2011

WTF Wednesday

Look! FOUR potential SERIOUS buyers! One size fits all!


Dawne Prochilo said...

OMG- Jeanne - thank you so much for that laugh...

Virginia E said...

I suppose if you're brave enough to get wasted in public with "friends" like these, you'd be brave enough to post your number offering to sell your "trophy". Personally, I'd rather bleach it and toss it in a dumpster. (The bleach is to avoid usable DNA evidence.) Then I'm going to start drinking at home, wondering when the other pictures will surface.

Teresa K. said...

Why doesn't this surprise me. And the idiots who took the number are not to bright.

Can we say here's your sign, lol I crack myself up sometimes.

Thanks for the great laugh.

tcwgrlup41(at) yahoo (dot) com

Janice said...

My daughter and I just had a good chuckle over this.

Who in their right mind would want to buy something like that used?