Thursday, September 16, 2010

13 Examples of "Good" Screams


I had posted this as my Facebook status (my personal account): "Be nice to your neighbors. They're the only ones who'll know the difference between your good scream and your bad scream." I started thinking how many times I made my character do the "good" scream. :) For examples, I've pulled some(copyrighted)sentences from my latest release DOUBLE DARE, my best-selling erotic interracial menage a trois! It's available in paperback and ebook!

1. She screamed in frustration again and yanked on the ropes, hard enough this time she heard the wood of the contraption she was attached to creak.

2. Quinn curled her fingers against the urge to selfishly yank the bottle out of the waiter’s pale fingers and scream: mine, mine, mine! (Okay, this is debatable whether it's really considered "good" or not)

3. She was ready to scream in frustration when she felt him push her thighs wider with his own, nudge his cock between her lips, grasp her ass cheeks with his large hands, and spread her wide.

4. She let out a long, low wail before screaming, “I dare you to fuck me!”

5. Quinn screamed as the spasms overtook her, rocking her whole body from the inside out.

6. Her orgasm pulsated from the center out, and she opened her mouth to scream.

7. Logan circled her clit faster, pushing against the hard button until she shattered, screaming nothing, everything, words which made no sense.

8. Her core pulsed as she threw back her head and screamed, “Oh God. Oh, my God!”

9. My God, he was humming against her clit, the vibrations drove her crazy, and she screamed into the cloth, which muffled it to a dull whimper.

10. Quinn clenched her fingers into fists and screamed with frustration into the cloth gag.

11. She turned a bit to give him better access and… Screamed.

12. She wanted to scream no. She couldn’t.

Since I ran out of good "screams" (no, I had plenty of good scenes, left but was specifically looking for the word "scream") I pulled an example of a bad scream for my last sentence:

13. Quinn screamed and kicked out with her heels, aiming for shins and higher.

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