Sunday, May 02, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday

This week for Six Sentence Sunday, I am once again posting a random six sentence portion of my work in progress, "Brothers in Blue: Max." (By the way, I had to cheat a little, for it to make sense, I had to use eight!)

Max kneeled on the mattress to slowly slip off the old T-shirt and the boxer shorts she was wearing, making sure his fingers, knuckles and arms brushed her here… and there. When Amanda was naked, he sat back on his heels to study her.

Amanda brought up her arms, an ineffective shield. “Don’t.”

One eyebrow rose. “Why?”

“You’re still dressed. That’s unfair.”

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Sara Brookes said...

Cheating is okay - done it myself a few times. Besides, hot little excerpts like that deserve a little more than six. ;^)

Dee Carney said...

What Sara said!

Dawne Prochilo said...

We need a bonus Six Sentence Sunday for *extremely* hot excerpts. thanks for teasing us Jeanne