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Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

Not rebound, loneliness, or great sex, and way beyond love. This is surrender.

At the breakfast table near the kitchen, Izzorah waited with hands folded in his lap for Luc to join him. He perked up his ears at the sound of his lover's footsteps.

Luc bent down to kiss him. "Good morning, love." He joined him at the table. "Are you sore?"

Drooping both ears down and back, Izzorah lowered his gaze and gave one negative shake of his head. I spent the night stark naked around this man, yet here I am blushing over a question? Izzy, get a grip. He aligned the flatware at his place. "Are you hungry?"

"Starved." Luc snapped open his napkin. "I think we both worked up an appetite."

Izzorah's cheeks blazed. He bit his lips, chuckling. "I know I did." He smiled up at Luc through his lashes.

They'd slept until they felt like rising, and woke to make love one more time. A leisurely shower where they'd scrubbed and shampooed each other had led to another quick session in the water. Izzorah was barefoot, but had pulled on his favorite Iron Soul T-shirt and a pair of loose jeans. Luc wore slippers, dark lounge pants, and a white T-shirt covered by his robe.

Does this man ever go barefoot or dress sloppy? Izzorah grinned. Prolly not, since a former supermodel used to live in his house. Or had Luc always been this well groomed? Hmm. Guess we'll see.

Luc's scent changed so subtly, Izzorah almost missed it.

He's hiding something! Izzorah flicked his ears outward, listening for clues, and gave a few sniffs. Something good. But what? Oooh, a surprise. He cleared his throat. "Um, Luc? What are you planning?"

"Planning?" He smiled, his scent full of conflicting layers of smells. Definitely hiding something.

Izzorah sniffed again.

"What?" Luc folded his hands on the table. "Your Kin nose is working overtime this morning. What is it you smell?"

"A surprise."

Luc widened his dark eyes and rested against the back of his chair. "How the hell do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"How do you know what I'm thinking?"

"Oh, I -- uh..." Luc's scent filled with an almost burnt butterscotch smell. Worry. Izzorah put his ears down and placed both hands in his lap. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to spoil it."

"It's all right, love. I've never met a Kin who could smell emotions as precisely as you." He rubbed a hand across his mouth. "Have you always been able to scent this well?" He propped both elbows on the table and rested his chin on both fists.

"Ever since I can remember."

His scent held overtones of cinnamon with crisp mint, very unique to Luc. Contentment and gratitude. When he smiled like that, it smelled like it came all the way from the depths of his soul.

"I love you, Rah." He drew Izzorah's hands to his mouth and kissed the back of his fingers. "But you already know, don't you?"

He nodded and gave Luc a human smile, showing fang. "So, do you really have a surprise for me?"

Luc laughed. "Yes, love, but you'll have to wait until later."

"I love surprises! It's hard to surprise me, you know."

"No! Really?" Luc leaned back in his chair.

Izzorah hooked a claw at him.

"Don't give me any claw." Luc shook a finger at him. "Not showing you till later."

He gave a short sneeze to clear away the various scents so he could focus. "Can I guess?"

"No." Luc folded his arms, lashes lowered.

Uh-oh. That really means no. Hmmm. Izzorah's napkin started to slide off his lap, and he hooked a claw into it and put it back. Once I learn what all these human facial moves mean it will be a big advantage. It'd be a lot easier if they had decent ears.

Luc picked up his coffee mug, looked into it, and frowned. "I need some coffee." He lifted his head. "McDoth!"

"Is it another sex game?" Izzorah scooted his chair forward. "Does it involve more chocolate body paint? I liked that."

Luc chuckled. "Wait and see." He looked up as McDoth entered with coffee. "Finally!" He rubbed his hands together. "My caffeine system has too much blood in it." With a glance at Izzorah, who had lifted both ears, he added, "A joke, love. Means I need coffee."

"Oh! I get it." Izzorah leaned back in his chair. "The guys in the band run on that kind of system, too." He lowered his gaze briefly before lifting his lashes and giving Luc a slow, satisfied smile. "You seem to function pretty well in the mornings without it."

Izzorah -- A little feral, a little innocent, all male. Fleeing a world that denies him basic rights, forced into a society blind to his needs, his music keeps him alive. When a freak accident throws him into the care of the most powerful man in the empire, the attention he receives is beyond anything he'd ever dreamed. But is the attraction he feels toward his rescuer gratitude, lust, or a deeper, abiding call to yield all that he is?

Luc -- the prestige of his power, wealth, and influence directs an empire scattered across the stars. His word shapes the foundations of business and his financial prowess is of mythic proportions. Yet beneath the myths beats the heart of a man who craves what he has never given and is certain he will always be denied -- steadfast, faithful love.

2010 EPIC Award finalist - Erotic SciFi Romance

Buy link: http://www.loose-id.com/prod-Surrender__Love-887.aspx

Genre: Erotic M/M Science Fiction Romance, GLBT, Multicultural, Interspecies, Action Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-59632-874-7

Heat Level: R=graphic sex, plus extreme cuddling, tenderness, and the seduction of a virgin who knows exactly what he wants

Warnings: male/male sex, explicit content, anal sex, violence (referenced, not portrayed)

Format: ebook in multiple formats, including Kindle

Author website: http://kayelleallen.com/

Author email: kayelle@kayelleallen.com

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