Friday, January 15, 2010

Fill Your Ebook Reader Blog Tour - WIN BIG TODAY!


Ok, all you readers that have received an ebook reader for Christmas (or had one) and are NOW looking to fill it... here's your chance! Welcome to our "Fill your ebook reader" blog tour!

You should have arrived to my blog from Sara Brookes' blog at

So, my intentions for this tour was to find some male hotties reading books.

Ones that would make you warm... just looking at them.

BUT (and it's a BIG BUT) during the search I got distracted
(which happens easily enough)...

And I had Ryan Reynolds on my mind

You see, I had just finished watching X-men Wolverine...
 so I had a good excuse -- really, I did!

So, I'm sorry, I never found those hotties with the books.

So, PLEASE, forgive me. ;)

In addition to this tour, some of the authors will be participating in a chat! ** I will popping in TODAY at along with alot of the other authors (see the list below). STOP BY! **

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Banged Up, my m/f contemporary erotic romance is available at Liquid Silver Books here.

My BESTSELLING m/m erotic novella, Rip Cord, is available here from Phaze Books.

And my hot, hot, hot menage will SURELY keep you warm on a cold winter day or night. Double Dare is NOW available here!


All right all you blog hoppers, now that you are done warming up with Ryan, your next stop on this fun trip will be Gem Sivad's blog at

IMPORTANT: you must leave a comment at EACH blog on the tour to be entered to win some of the many ebooks that are being offered up for grabs (we will have multiple winners!), which includes:

Waiting for the Big One by PG Forte
Flash of Dark by Sara Brooks
Rip Cord by Jeanne St. James*
Doll by Juniper Bell
Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee
Huntress Prequel by Trina M. Lee
Bound by Deception by Christa Paige
Preja Vu by Alanna Coca
For a Price by Olivia Brynn
Fireproof by Tina Holland
Destiny's Magick by Rae Morgan
Alitus, Tales of the Chosen by Kayelle Allen
Satisfy Me by Madison Scott
Baptism by Fire by Keira Ramsay
Black Cat Beauty by Savanna Kougar
Intimate Strangers by Gem Sivad
Bait by Annie Nicholas
Breathing Shallow by Stephanie Adkins
The Company of Fools by Annemarie Hartnett
Choice of two books by Lexi Ryan
Safe from the Flames by Sandra Sookoo
Hearts Afire: December by Ella, Elise & Emily

By the way, if you got lost here's the blog trail in the order you needed to follow them to be eligible for the Grand Prize. Fill Your Ereader Blog Tour and Chat participants:

Paige Tyler:
Stephanie Adkins:
Tina Holland:
PG Forte:  Chatting
Sara Brookes
Jeanne St. James  Chatting AM
Gem Sivad  Chatting
Sandra Sookoo
Juniper Bell
Jeanne Barrack
Saranna DeWylde
Ella Drake
Alanna Coca  Chatting
Christa Paige  Chatting 1p EST
Trina M. Lee  Chatting
Annemarie Hartnett and Lexi Ryan
Rae Morgan  Chatting 2p EST
Savanna Kougar
Kayelle Allen
Madison Scott Chatting
Keira Ramsay
LSB's Silver Expressions
Annie Nicholas Chatting
LSB's Silver Expressions
Olivia Brynn


Rosemary Gunn said...

I would love to stay and ogle all day...

Eva S said...

Me too!!

Rebecca Rose said...

My favorite movie with the sexiest men on earth!


cfisher1504 said...

Nothing wrong with distractions!!!

Noelle said...

What exactly do you put into Google to find all these hotties? (Just wondering for my own "research" purposes! lol!)

Andrea I said...

I'll have to stop by later to check him out again.

jennifer said...

distraction are great even more so when they look like this. I mean after all we don't want you to get burnt out do we ?

Stephanie said...

You are so totally forgiven for the distraction! Daydreams like this should be recommended regularly. I love the pic with the swords, such a commanding feeling to it.

Kayelle Allen said...

stopping to see all the other links in the tour. this sacrifice of time is soooooo worth it. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Jeanne, Dang, I can see why you got distracted.

Fallon Hadley said...

Ryan Reynolds is just so sexy. Yum!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I think you might have just got me hooked on Ryan... and Xmen. Sweet!

Lisa G said...

Such a shame that you missed all the hot men. I guess we will just have to suffer with Ryan. ;D
Oh the pain...

Cathy M said...

Oh man, I would love to warm up with Ryan. Thanks for sharing your great pics, Jeanne.

Rayna's Everything blog said...

This is such a cool idea. Thanks so much.


joder said...

Ryan is the perfect choice! He's my dream man!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

sherry said...

I'm with Rosemary I would love to stay and ogle all day too.

Boone Brux said...

His idea of a six pack and my husband's idea of a six pack are two totally different thing.

orelukjp0 said...

What a great contest. Thanks for being part of it. I love your hotties.

booklover0226 said...

The more I look at him, the cuter he gets.

Tracey D

Leigh Royals said...

I have always like Ryan Reynolds, waaaay back to Two Guys....

Aw what a nice way to relax...


sophiaparkwood said...

Mmmm, Ryan Reynolds, very nice!

marcieo said...

WooHoo! I'm new to the eBook thing, but I do know this author, or at least she is on my short list of books to buy. It's fun to see what the authors have posted. The man candy is ok, but I like the humor the most.

Scott Romanski said...

I like his acting work. Enjoyed his role in Wolverine.

Amy S. said...


April said...

Now... I really like Ryan but... damn, I can't scroll down to see the rest of the guy in your BACKGROUND.

That is SO unfair. Who is the guy?

Where's the whole pic???

And DAMN... he's really hawt.

Okay, I'm done salivating.


Caffey said...

Hi Jeanne! That you did, find some great hotties!

LeslieJane said...

A chance to win books? Sign me up. Now if I can convince my parents to spend part of their Best Buy gift card they just win to buy me a e-book reader to read all these books I am going to win, I would be very happy. Plus, discover new authors, what could be better.

Plus, eye candy, you made my day.

Leslie Jane