Saturday, January 09, 2010

Blood of the Beast by Tamela Quijas

Blood of the Beast is Tamela Quijas' latest intriguing work in the paranormal romance genre. Part One of her up and coming The Blood Chronicles, the reader is introduced to Tamela's gutsy and no-nonsense Detective Val Kureyev, who has been assigned one of the most horrific cases in the city's history. A serial killer is on the loose, the bodies of homeless men appearing on the doorsteps of the neighborhood where she was raised. There isn't a clue to the murderer's identity and the city is beginning to panic, fearing who might be the next victim.

Val finds help in solving the case with the most unlikely sort of partner, a professor at the local museum withhis own dark and violent secrets to hide...


...Ms. Quijas' prose and elegance leaps from page one, and holds the reader captive until the last. For fans of lush, delightfully dark romance, this is a must-read!

...wonderful, exciting, well written story that I had a hard time putting down...

...Ms. Quijas has a way with words, the likes of which we don't often see anymore...

...A great contemporary vampire romance that is actually plot-driven!

Blood of the Beast is available in Paperback and Ebook formats at Amazon links:

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Tamela Quijas said...

Thanks so much for having me by, Jeanne. You have a beautiful site and it's a pleasure to be featured here!