Saturday, August 15, 2009

UPDATED! My upcoming events:

I will be hopping all over the Internet to shout about my upcoming release (Banged Up coming out 9/21 from Liquid Silver Books), do interviews and just talk about this and that. Here are some of the many places you'll be able to catch me at:

15th -- I will be participating in "Meet the Author Tour" on MySpace.

23rd -- I will be blogging about backing up your work on Dropbox at

31st -- I will be a guest blogger at SEx - Silver Expressions. Liquid Silver Book's Blog. As one of their authors I guest blog there about once a month.

7th -- I will be participating in a "Blog Hop" with other Liquid Silver Books authors. Take part and win some prizes!

14th -- I will take part, once again, in Excerpt Monday. Where authors post excerpts of their books, upcoming releases or something from their work in progress. I will post an excerpt right here on my blog and post links to other authors.

21st -- Banged Up is released in ebook form at Liquid Silver Books.

22nd -- I will be participating at SEx - Silver Expression Blog for their "Morning After" post. It's were authors post the morning after their book is released.

23rd -- I'll be a guest author at The Author's Studio

1st -- Mace Walker, the hero from my book Banged Up will be interviewed at Diamond Taylor's blog.

1st -- Interview at LoveBytes Newsletter
17th - I'll be a guest on the The Sweet Flag blog

That is just a taste... I will be hitting the Net hard. So stick with me!

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Jeanne said...

Ms St. James you are a busy bee! Looking forward to your being a guest on The Sweet Flag.