Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, I want to know: What the hell is “Woot!”? When did this start and where was I when it started? It is ALL over the Internet now and I keep thinking. What does this mean? Am I that clueless? I guess I am. So I did a little research…

According to the Urban Dictionary at “woot” is a term that began with computer gamers. It was a combo of the saying “Wow, loot!” or “Wonderful loot.” It has since lost the meaning and now is a term used when someone is excited.

In addition, gives the explanation that it began an acronym for We Owned Other Team.

Woot can be spelled with the two o’s or two 00 (zeros).

Either way, it is currently a part of our culture. I hear adults saying it, or using it online, a lot.
All I know is I don’t use it and I doubt that I will use it in the future. But at least now I know what it means. WOOT!


Jenn Nixon said...

I never actually say Woot. Only type it. I'm more a Woo Hoo girl in speach.

Love Urban dictionary, they actually posted a word I sent!


IM Cupnjava said...

As a gamer and as someone who uses the word “woot” as well as the cousins “wootflakes” (the breakfast of wooties), and “wootsauce”, I’m going to have to disagree with Urban Dictionary. It did not come from “wonderful loot” anymore than “pwn” came from “player owned” (Was it Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary that gave us that bit of bad information?). It’s just a generic joyful expression like “Woohoo” but is quicker to type and doesn’t look stupid like “woo” would.