Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am so happy to have a web designer working on my website: because it really needed some help. I do not have time to do it myself.

Anyone who does not belong to Twitter yet ( needs to get on board. It is fun, addicting and can drive traffic to your website and/or blog.

Now, for a rant: I flew to Portland, OR over the New Year's. On our trip back we had to take US Airways instead of Continental. Oh, brother! We sat ONE HOUR in the plane at the gate (yes, 1 hour) because the catering company did not load the food. So our over 5 hr flight took over 6 hrs. And to add insult to injury, they don't even give you snacks. No, you must BUY everything. Water? Yes. Soda? Yes. they charge for everything and there is not inflight movie or TV. Luckily I had my iPod Nano. Oh, I could have flown first class and received a free glass of water. $2 per soda or water. Give me a break, US Airways, at least you could have made up for keeping us at the gate for an hour by giving us a free glass of water. BOO on YOU!

Now, on good news: My manuscript, Banged Up, was requested by two publishers. I hope to hear good news soon.

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Jeanne said...

Please check this out before you approve it if there's any info you'd rather not share.
Hi Jeanne
I followed your concerns about your blog post being deleted and checked out your interview on Romance Divas.
I'd love to get in touch with you to talk further about writing for several reasons:
First, we're both in the same area of PA, second, sounds like we're of a similiar age; third, we have the same first name for our pen names; fourth, I write for Loose Id and several other epubs you might be interested in and 5th, I think you probably were referring to the samw RWA chapter that I also left because it was too far to get to regularly.
Please visit my blog, The Sweet Flag at:
and drop me a line